Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaboration

I am not sure if this has been mentioned yet in the discussion boards, but just in case it hasn’t I’d like to bring this to your attention.

In this Staff Report from 2001, , the staff member writes about the Dali and Disney animated film “Destino”. It was eventually finished to some degree, and it was on continuous loop at the Salvidor Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL, this past Spring and early Summer as part of an exhibition titled “Dali and Film”.

“Destino” is about what you’d expect; it doesn’t disappoint.

The museum’s Web site has some information about the film. Check out the very last sentence on this page: . Much more information on the “Destino” Wikipedia page,

There are some brief clips available at, for example.

I saw that exhibit at LACMA some time ago.

It seems surprising now to see the progenitor of warm and cuddly adaptations of Winnie The Pooh and Beauty And The Beast collaborating with Dali, but less so when you remember that the years around 1940 were a time when Disney was truly pushing the boundaries of animation. After all, Fantasia was also revolutionary.

Here are a couple of previous discussions:

I saw this film two years ago as part of “The Art of Disney” exhibit in Tokyo. It was interesting to see the product of two well-known artists from different sides of the art spectrum collaborating like this.

I saw the film at the Dali museum in March, and it’s truly fantastic, but you can tell where Disney and Dali stopped and the newer artists took over. It is however very much worth seeing and exactly the kind of thing that digital picture frames were invented for, if you could get one with enough memory to hold the whole film.