Disney/Fox deal—what animated films would Disney get the rights to?

Okay, as is well known, Disney is planning on buying 20th Century Fox, getting the rights to the Fox film library, including a number of animated films.

However, I’m a little fuzzy about the legal details about some of the film rights, and wondered if someone could enlighten me.

Now, I think I’m safe in assuming any film that was produced by Fox, a Fox subsidiary, or a studio owned by Fox would become Disney’s. But I’m a bit puzzled about films that Fox merely distributed—for example, Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards.

And according to wiki, Fox actually did fund the production of that film, but I pretty much know jack-all about the nitty gritty of film finance and production practices, so I don’t know how that effects film rights and ownership.

So, help me out…what other animated Fox films does Disney get a claim on? Ferngully? Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure? Fire and Ice?

Anastasia would make an interesting Disney princess…

A Disneyfied version of Futurama would probably make Nibbler the focus, along with his nephew, Noobler.

The Peanuts Movie from 2015 was released through Fox via Blue Sky. I suppose that means Disney now has the rights over all subsequent animated Peanuts films.

That can not be assumed. Do you know what the movie deal is with the estate? It could have been for one movie. Or a certain number of years. And a distribution deal is not close to being the same as a development deal.

What about the Ice Age and Rio franchises?