Diveheart in Atlanta this weekend

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This post was cleared by the Mod Squad and I hope that someone(s) in the Doper community can benefit from this event.

To summarize, Diveheart is a group that teaches disabled people to scuba dive. I’ve worked with them for years and they’re fantastic. My friend’s son is having a fundraiser for them this weekend in Georgia and it’s free to attend and participate so I thought that there may be some people in our doper family that could benefit. Again, this is FREE to attend and FREE to participate, so if you or someone you know has a disability and is interested to learn to scuba dive, this is a fantastic opportunity. Alternately, if you or someone you know is disabled and you don’t live in the Atlanta area, PM me and I can get you in touch with the group directly- this event just happens to be in Atlanta this weekend, the group has events all over the country.

Everyone please have a look at this, particularly if you are in the Atlanta area or know someone who is:



Please consider attending or make a donation if you are able to, this is a fantastic group that I’ve worked with many times and Zack is trying to raise some money for them to upgrade their equipment and allow even more disabled people to learn to dive. (Zack is my friend’s son and a young avid diver)

Saturday/Sunday’s event is free and will allow people with disabilities the experience of scuba in the pool at Sea Ventures in Georgia- what an amazing opportunity! I’ve personally seen people who haven’t been out of a wheelchair in years floating in the water, doing somersaults and enjoying a freedom they never thought possible again. This is for people with mental as well as physical disabilities. I’ll try to answer any specific questions about the event that I can or refer you to someone that can give more details.


Hey BoBettie,

Do you have a donation link? I’m waaay down here in South Florida, and can’t make it up there, but I like the idea behind this. One of the fun things from my Grand Cayman trip was diving with a guy with only one leg. He certainly didn’t let it stop him, and I can imagine how much it could make a difference to some people.

I did find a justgiving.org link from the Diveheart.org page. Is that the best way to go?

Thanks a bunch- I meant to put that in the OP

from the FB event page:

You can make a tax deductible donation online by going to this page:
Please be sure to put the words ‘ZACK PROJECT’
in the ‘Designate my donation’ box.

That way little Zack knows its part of his fundraiser.

Have we already talked about scubadiving? (forgive me, my brain is mush lately). I’m in Key Largo. I think we were discussing having a mini dopefest down here. Fun!


And yeah, now that you mention it…we were talking in SiXSwordS’s thread. I guess that means I should have said I’m waaaaay **up **here. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure when SiXSwordS’s trip may happen. Maybe we should just open up a thread for S. Florida dive/dopefest, and see who bites.

I didn’t know anything about this organization until Zette brought it up to us. I think it’s wonderful! I’ve never been diving, but my husband went quite a lot in his youth. Making it available to disabled folks is such a marvelous idea.

(Speaking as a poster of course; SD doesn’t endorse any causes. Proceed at your own risk. fine print fine print fine print.)

Just kicking this up- still time to sign up for the Discover Scuba Experience for disabled divers- spread the word, please!