Divorce? Murder? Let me explain...

I am sure everyone knows that couples argue, the ‘discussion’ me and Chris were having in the late people thread was not as bad as you think. She later claimed that she was poking fun, but I sure didn’t see any jokes in there. What prompted me to respond because it really teed me off was that she decided to make something that should have been private, into a public matter, and that is really disrespectful. When she comments on this board I treat her as if I do not know her and many times do not respond to her, I just wish she would do the same, instead of dragging me into the middle of things or flaming me in front of everyone here at the SDMB just because she knows me. I get that enough when we have company over. So you see, even I have my limits, and she just happened to reach one of them.

Well, that’s all fine and good, but you didn’t answer your own question…

Did ya divorce her or murder her?

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