Divorced dopers, did you ever think this during your marriage?

I guess I didn’t think a whole lot about it, or at least didn’t think pragmatically. Not that pragmatism is best or most important… but if I had thought deeply about what my future might look like, or if I were more practical about reality, I might not have married that particular person. I was rebellious and I figured it would work out. I didn’t know how to think about the future and to make decisions about what would be good for me and what might hurt me. I certainly didn’t think anything would fail.

After having been divorced, I married someone who is more like me, and we are so happy together, it is wonderful. But we did have a prenup because of my son.

Love is great and everything but what I didn’t appreciate the first time is that becoming impoverished because of your spouse’s poor decisions and dependency is not a good idea in the long term.

Now I have deep love and understanding, and a responsible husband.

I guess I didn’t have to think about contingency plans because EVERYTHING was my responsibility anyway. That might not be entirely true though, I guess during the times when I thought he might off himself with an accidentally, I did buy a life insurance policy.

I currently feel the only reason to get married again would be so that someone knows when to pull the cord on my vegetable self should that happen. And lil bro and a Very Good Friend are already in on my desired wishes in that regard.