DIY and Hobby projects, small to big. Pictures of course

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A mix of Prints and repaints.

  • 4 figures I have far too many dupes of got new paint jobs.
  • A red monk went blue and with more detail. Red Archer → Green. Maroon warlock → Black Vampire
  • Brightened up an arbalist (crossbowman)
  • 3 brown plastic cauldrons now painted.
  • Printed and painted a cauldron monster. I think he is related to Oscar the Grouch. Also a Raven and a comfy chair in some.
  • Printed 2 ticks, showing before and after on the supports. They’re painted now.
  • An odd demon, 2 lizards and a Tiefling.

Another project and the very cold weather has slowed me down. I don’t like running the exhaust fan when it is 20 or below. I look forward to spring when I can just leave the fan in the window.

I need to take a tutorial in FreeCad and get back and improve on my lost skills

Does working on cars count? I wouldn’t call it creative, but it’s sorta DIY. Some recent projects:

Replacing water pump on our 2005 Saab:




Replacing fuel pump on our 2007 Saturn:



Replacing brakes on friend’s 2008 Impala:





Cylinder leak down testing on the Bimmer:


Working on Cars, even building computers is DIY.

I love and am jealous of your lift. Though I haven’t really worked on cars for almost 30 years. Just a great setup all around.

I’m not much of a DIY type. I’m not creative enough to… uh… create things and when it comes to repairing things like cars I’d rather hire a pro that knows what they’re doing that risk screwing it up.

However I have had the “pleasure” of doing some minor repairs around the new house as well as replacing some vintage 1960’s bits that don’t fit our modern needs. One thing that I did that has been hugely beneficial and was very satisfying to complete was to replace the kitchen sink.

The old one (sorry for the crappy pic, it’s a screenshot from a walkthrough vid we did right after we bought the place):


The new one:


I had to cut a few centimetes in the corner of the rough opening after pulling out the old sink but it was sooooooooooo worth it. I did have to replace the shutoff valves under the sink which was the worst part. I had to shut off the water to the house at the street, buy another pipe wrench, and squirt the old fitting with PB Blaster to get them to unscrew. It was a big PITA. But ultimately I managed it and so far everything seems copacetic.

A Doper I’m friends with off-board told me they only wanted to see pics if I flooded the house. Thanfull I wasn’t able to oblige :slight_smile:

That looks great and a far better faucet and sink.

We decided to go with the big single-basin because it’s almost impossible to scrub big things like chili pots and platters and crock pots in the regular double-basin. On the exceedingly rare times I’ll need an extra basin I have a plastic tub (like the kind the Brita use in their sinks) that will work.

And the sprayer discharges water in a fan pattern rather than the usual conical pattern. It’s one of those things that seem immaterial until you use it, then it’s like “omg where have you been all my life?!”

We really want to replace the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, like everything in the house, it’s non-standard. Oh, maybe it was 50 or 80 years ago; but when I tried to find a replacement a few years ago everyone said sinks don’t come that small. Maybe try an RV store or have one custom made. So a new sink will have to wait until we get new cabinets and countertop.

We have a utility sink next to the washer. I did pick it up by myself, and put the fixtures on finger-tight; but that’s as DIY as it got. There was a leaky pipe, so we had a plumber fix that and put in a new drain, and hook up the fixtures.

We don’t have a utility sink so whenever I had something really big like a stock pot or big roasting pan I’d ::looks around sheepishly:: have to scrub them out either outside at the hose or in the bathtub. The big new sink is a godsend.

Now if I can just convince my wife to get a new fridge that’s refrigerator-only (no freezer) I’ll be sitting pretty. Well, I will be until I can get a new stove. The old one is so old and funky the guy at the appliance store literally laughed at me when I described it.

From a couple days ago: troubleshooting an audio amplifier.



Two different ones.

Fast office project. Took as long to pull the table out of the way as to hang the shelves.

We’re cutting the cord as our super sweet DirecTV deal is ending. We’re going antenna TV with a tested HD antenna that picks up all the locals (except one VHF-Low freq. station MeTV)
Arriving soon is an Amazon DVR that will Wi-Fi to all the Win 11 Computers, Phones, Firesticks and tablets. It has 4 tuners for recording or live watching.

I printed a Tabaxi (Catfolk) Bard to use as a character in an upcoming game. My daughter painted it and it came out great. So much more detail than I can achieve. I’m a crafter, she’s an artist.

Also I repainted another archer.

Great work you have there, but a special thanks for the before/after pic of the ticks. It gives me a real look at supports that were talked about a bit in the other thread.

That’s got to be one of the nicest garage setups I’ve seen in a while. :+1:

I tried to get my wife to go with the single basin, but no joy. She insists we need the other basin to air dry all the thousands of dollars of cooking utensils, knives, pots and pans that are too delicate to put in the dishwasher. Now I just nod my head and go along with her.

I think you are selling yourself short. That’s some damn nice painting you’ve shown. People that haven’t done it don’t know how hard it is to paint something that small that has any kind of detail to it.

I will admit this is the one downside. In the old setup we had a small drain / dry rack that was the perfect size to nestle into one of the basins. That was quite convenient. With the new one we simply have the drying rack next to the sink. However, I’m going to gently suggest we do away with that and simply hand dry any dishes that get washed by hand and then put them away directly. It’ll take an extra 2 minutes but will clear up the counter.

I suspect my suggestion will be vetoed.

This is how I do it when she’s not there. No real reason not to have dishes air drying, I just find it easier to get it done now rather than later.

Here’s a project I’m contemplating: a 2 shelf book case about 2 feet wide, on legs so it’s about 2 feet off the floor. Then, using foam or cardboard, or any cheap stuff, fashion a full sized 50s toy robot around it. Maybe use rollerblades for the feet.

Chairs and Flail Snails printed and paints.
A brown plastic fireplace I didn’t print, now painted and detailed.

Still to use as a bookcase tho, right? Maybe a door covering the books with a bunch of dials and switches on it.

Looks like you’re jumping right into the printing. What printer did you end up getting? I got everything else I needed, but the printer I was looking at jumped $50 on Amazon. (Elagoo Mars 2) I know I’ll end up ordering it in the end so I should just go ahead and get it.

I bought the ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 4K 3D Printer.

Setup was simple. Printing simple. Removing finished pieces from the plate is fairly tough. I need to read into that more.

Last June, my wife and I moved into her mother’s seaside cottage on the North Shore of Boston, which has been in the family since 1960. The garage, the cellar, and the attic have been collecting junk for most of that time. We immediately cleared two truckloads of junk out of the garage so we could move our junk in, but that doesn’t qualify as a DIY project, especially since we hired the guys with the truck to do the heavy lifting.

I’ve started in on clearing out the attic, so we can eventually have it insulated, also not really a DIY for the purposes of this thread.

But the project I can show off here is what I’ve done since clearing a ton or so of junk out of the cellar: putting down vinyl floor tiles on the cellar floor. Unfortunately, I don’t have a “before” shot from exactly the same angle as the “after,” but the first two pics should give you some idea of the mess I cleaned up. (Click on them to see the full image.)

Google Photos

Google Photos

Junk cleared, floor exposed.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Floor tiles installed:

Google Photos

Google Photos

The cellar floor now mirrors the carpet tiles I put down on the sun porch shortly after we moved in. There was a patchwork of indoor-outdoor carpet over the bare wood in this before pic:

Google Photos


Google Photos

I’ve done lots of other projects to spruce up the place: replaced all the ugly old doorknobs with new lever handles, replaced and rekeyed all the deadbolt locks, installed new blinds throughout the house, and replaced all the old style light switches with decorator style. I had never seen a 1950s-style ceramic switch before. (At the top.)

Google Photos

Exactly. And I figure as long as he’s standing there, his arms can be guitar holders.

Excellent. Thanks, I’ll look into that one.

Are they self adhesive? I like your color choice, looks good.