Django Unchained - Tarantino's next flick

Teaser trailer here.

Looks fantastic. Tarantino has never disappointed me and this looks like another good one.

My favorite part of the trailer, is

the blood splattering on the cotton. Seems like an obvious shot, but still so very effective.

Anyone else looking forward to this?

Christopher Waltz stands an excellent chance of becoming one of my favourite actors ever.

I’m in.

Yes, that cotton shot is nicely symbolic. Since it is Tarantino, I’m wondering where he borrowed it from.

Looks like Inglourious Basterds set in the antebellum south.

I’m so watching this.

And it’s a western!

DiCaprio and Waltz own me.

Ah, great, the second homage to Sergio Leone.

Hopefully it will be more “Fistful of dollars” and less “the talking parts of Once Upon a Time in the WestInglorious Basterds was.

I’m sure Tarantino curdled his own mother’s breast milk.

Looks fucking awesome.

Looks like a excellent time.

So I can’t expect any awesome guitar playing in it?

Bonus points because this movie will have Franco Nero.

Well, I guess if there’s anybody who can make a movie about a web application framework exciting, it would be Tarantino…

Here’s what I thought of. I wonder if it’s a homage.

Well, it is a homage to the Franco Nero Django movie and the ripoff “sequels.”

Looks campy. Almost like Tarantino directed it… I am very not sorry that Tarantino had to settle for Foxx because Will Smith was unavailable. It would be constant smirking. Quentin, his last western was Wild Wild West. Remember how that turned out?

I think it’s Smith who lost out. I’ve said before that Tarantino is a great actor’s director. He gets great performances out of people not normally noted as being great actors.

You had me at blaxploitation spaghetti western

What’s not to like?

I didn’t know the trailer had been released! I’ve been waiting for it for quite some time. Love me some Tarantino.

Jeez, I can’t wait. I live for Christopher Waltz, now. I really do. His vague accent gave me a tiny distraction in Water for Elephants. But he was my sole reason for watching that movie, so the vague accent did end up melting away for me.