Do almost all women with large breasts suffer from back and neck problems or only a limited subset?

Just curious. Women who undergo voluntary breast reduction procedures chronic back and neck issues are often sited as the main reason why they choose to do this. Obviously some women have stronger backs and necks than others, but it’s kind of assumed that large breasts almost always means a woman will have these issues.

Is this a valid assumption or not? Is the large breasts = chronic back issues connection true for the majority of large breasted women or only a minority?

Big boobs can be an annoyance in many ways, but mine haven’t caused any back/neck problems that I know of. I do have such problems, but there are other causes. I doubt the boobs help, though. Properly fitted bras do make a difference. I am hoping to get a reduction one of these days.

My lovely bride is quite well-endowed. She does not have any particular back or neck issues as a result of this endowment. But, I should point out that she has a broad frame and is big-boned, as are most of the people in her family; I suspect that this contributes to her not having that sort of back/neck issue.

You asked this same question 5 years ago.

I think the larger one’s breasts are, the more frequent back pain becomes. I’m a DD/DDD, but I have a large frame. I haven’t experienced back pain because of my breasts. I do get lower back pain because I have a large belly.

well there are two of them.

Claiming back and neck pain is a way to get insurance companies to pay for reduction surgery, for one thing. I have no idea how valid any of the claims are.

And one on the back for dancin’!

I think bras have a huge role in whether large breasts will cause neck and back issues. A lot of women wear the wrong size and end up having a lot of strain on the straps instead of having the band do all the work. That can wreck posture, pull on the shoulders and cause shoulder/neck pain. How often it’s the bra’s fault, I don’t know. But I’m sure bad bras contribute.

As previously stated, someone’s “frame/build” is a contributing faction. I have a petite frame with a 29" band size, but have a DDD/F cup size. I also have an entrapped ulnar nerve that makes me miserable most days. Large breasts are said to be a contributing factor, but I am sure it also has to do with having a minimal amount of room between my clavicle/ scapula. I have also heard that bras contribute, but I usually do not wear one at home or with a lot of summer attire and do not see any difference it occurrence.

I suspect that no bra is better that the wrong bra. I have had problems when wearing bras that held my breasts like a shelf, with them thrust farther forward, which put more strain on the shoulder straps. Then there are minimizers, which flatten them against the chest somewhat. Those are the most comfortable to me. I am happy going braless at home since I don’t have stairs and I don’t generally move faster than walking.

I’ve started making comments to my doctor about breast-related discomfort so if I do decide to get a reduction, there will be some evidence of medical necessity for insurance purposes.