Do celibate people have more sex (than anyone else)?

One of the stories on last night’s television news here was about the results of a sex survey. When asked how many times a year they had sex people apparently gave these answers:

"Americans lead the way world wide at 124 times, while the least sexually active are the Japanese at 36 times year.

New Zealanders have sex on 115 occasions, but our neighbours across the ditch in Australia do it just 84 times."
If you define sex as something that results in orgasm then nuns probably have it more times than Australians. Is that a fair definition? If it is then Spoofy Woofy makes the Japanese seem positively eunuch like. When it comes to sexual experience what matters most? Is it the number of orgasms (solo) or the number of partners?

If there’s one thing I hate it’s a survey which fails to address the sexual activities of Nuns.

Before you arrive at your own conclusions regarding Nuns and their alleged worship at the altar of Onan, I suggest you delve a little more deeply into the subject.

Why don’t you enter a Nunnery under cover (as a trainee), ask a few relevant questions and then report back to the readers of these Boards.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not Australian.

Or a nun.

I wish I could correct that subject line spelling mistake. It’s only the second I have made in a subject line.

Nuns have a lot of solitude and go to bed early. They fit into a certain category although they would be no more willing than anyone else in that category to answer “relevant questions”. I always find it surprising, though, that so many people answer “yes” to the question “Do you hear voices?” Don’t you? I mean, they can probably guess the consequences of an affirmative answer but they go right ahead anyway and get fitted out for those restrictive clothes. I wonder why?

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What do these people do? Keep a calendar & write on it how many times they had sex this day & count them up each year? I an barely remember what I had for lunch last thursday much less how much sex in a year.

I can just imagine guys using this new line on their wives: "I was with a few of my neighbors’ wives but we didnt have sex cause I never had an orgasm.’ :slight_smile:

Why on earth would you define it that way? No one else does.

I had no idea nuns were such a randy bunch. Is the assumption that they masturbate a lot? As far as I know, there’s two types of celibacy: one which results in no romantically physical interaction with another, and one which results in no conscious sexual activity whatsoever, whether with another or alone. I would imagine of those serious enough to take vows of chastity and celibacy, as well as being willing to lead a spartan lifestyle of renunciation, the majority would take the vows of chasteness quite seriously, and would generally refrain from ALL sexual activity.

Then again, the high school boy in me imagines that nuns engage in a non-stop sapphic orgy at every opportunity. [sub]And that’s why I quit eating high school boys.[/sub]

Spoofy Woofy?

SPOOFE, perhaps?

Beef-- It’s What’s for Dinner – for Vegetarians.

Well, would you rather that I did a thread called “When Terrorists Attack 2” which offered prizes for correctly guessing the next target? I’d say the Pope thing is just a ruse myself. I mean, I tried to take your minds off all that and what do I get? I’m not sure, it doesn’t matter.

Well, I think it’s time all those couples in relationships who look down on all those single, nerdy, outsider, pariah types faced up to the fact that those kind of people may be having as much fun if not more than them simply because there’s no one there to stop them!! Yes, the kind of people who think a relationship has something to do with the ocean need advanced calculators to work out their yearly tally. In fact, a definition of sex as requiring more than two people could be construed as an “ist” of some kind or other. Sexist has been taken otherwise it would have been good.

Sex requires MORE than two people?

Man, I gotta tell my girlfriend!

I am losing it, I really am. I’ve made more mistakes in the last two weeks than in the nearly two years I’ve been here.

I was walking through a mall this afternoon which was beautifully decorated for Christmas but for once I found it a little creepy. The commercialism of Christmas has come in for a lot of criticism over the past years because it’s just so much about buying stuff and nothing else. A lot of businesses sell most of their products around that time, everyone knows that. If the WTC was a focus of capitalism Christmas comes a close second.

Doesn’t anyone in the U.S. think in terms of placating Moslems at all just to avoid possible grief? Isn’t that the way to go? Sounds ludicrous but: A good first step might be if each year there was an international entertainment award show which excluded America. Every country in the world has bands (NZ is definitely no exception) which seem to be as good as U.S. bands but never seem to get a break so they can prove it. Orienting the world slightly away from U.S. dominance in one field would be a healthy thing that wouldn’t hurt anybody. If any country feels they can come up with better sitcoms, it’s up to them to prove that as well. If Saudi Arabia is unable to, for instance, I’ve got no idea why they would complain about U.S. cultural imperialism.

All that belongs in a different thread but if it sounds stupid at least fewer people will read it in this one.

Um… women in Saudi are only just about to be allowed to have ID card, because up until now it wasn’t thought appropriate for their images to appear publicly. So as for Saudi “Friends” (or just imagine it - Saudi “Big Brother”) - these things are really not likely.

But that’s not what concerns about US cultural imperialism are about. It’s not about popular culture per se.

I’ve only just moved to the Middle East, so I’m learning all this now. Some points:

  1. The Islamic week is Sunday-Thursday. So how do Muslim business people working for international companies manage? They have to work a western week.

  2. The Koran, under many interpretations, forbids interest (or “usury”). There is now a growing industry in Islamic, Sharia-compliant finance. But how did business people wanting to do deals internationally manage previously? They had to use Western banks and finance systems, which were against their religion.

These are just a couple of things that cause difficulties for many Muslims. They don’t want to be “placated”, they want to be understood. Which involves listening to concerns, and trying to level the playing field, so they don’t always have to operate on Western terms.

Sex requires MORE than two people?"

Depends who you ask. I prefer ‘a sharing of genetic material’. Unless one asks for a moral definition :slight_smile:

When I was 14-ish years old, my dad did some post-graduate work at a college that also had a monastery, and most of the monks there were openly homosexual. I’m sure they weren’t having sex with each, but my brother says that he once saw porn in their rooms.
I’m not sure if it’s the same for nuns.

I never quite understood how a relationship with Jesus could be devoid of sexual feeling for either men or women. Being a committed Christian means being continually confronted with a image of a man who looks like Eddie Vedder at his best.

I’ve also never really understood the feelings heterosexual guys have for male rocks stars as opposed to the ones the female fans have. Take Curt Cobain for instance. How would a male Nirvana fan’s enthusiasm for Cobain be different from his girlfriend’s? How could it be fanatical and yet exclude any reference to Cobain’s sex appeal and style?

G. Nome, you are a nut.

Yes please. I doubt it could turn into any more of a train wreck than this thread.