Yep, another thread about sex...

How many of you have NEVER had sex outside of a commited and monogamous relationship? Just wanted to get some statistics. Thanks.

Not me, but I don’t know what kind of stats you’re going to get by this method. Say you get 50 people posting that they have never had sex outside of a relationship - there is nothing to compare it against. What kind of stats are you looking for?

No reason other than just a general consensus, for my own personal knowledge…you know, just a general idea.

Me. I couldn’t do it except in a committed relationship. Whatever works for other people, though.

Now, yeah. Back in the rock and roll star days? Nah.


If you count number of sex acts, a vast majority of my sex has been with committed partners in a monogamous relationship. If you count number of sex partners, only 2 out of 9 were committed relationships.

I haven’t.


I fail the test.

Pleased to have never cheated on any of the GF’s though, although cannot say the same about all my partners!

I’m like Badtz Maru in that much the majority of my sex has been within relationships rather than not, but I’m up to about half of my sexual partners being committed relationships.

How commited is commited? If you mean one night stands then a few (maybe ten), not particularley commited i.e friendly shagging over a few months, no hard feelings when we split then about ten and then I have had seven full on relationships. Man I feel like a slut.

Shit, I feel like a virgin then! I am in the teens.

Never had a “semi-committed”, it’s either been a couple of shags and split or months/years and I end up feeling BAAAAD.

I’m 33. I’ve only had sex while in committed relationships, of which I have had only three.

Sad, I know.

<sad>Does it matter if that was an intentional choice or not?</sad>

Yes, Shade. Crimes such as those you hint at don’t count as sex. They count as violence.

As to the OP, I’m out.

In light of Kalhoun’s insight, the only person I have had sex with is my husband.

I want to have sex with at least 25 girls before I die.

At the same time.

Heh. Too bad for you then, rhinostylee, that I moved out of Omaha just this last summer…

And I have 24 verrrrrrrrrrry close, intimate, hot female friends…

Sauron has had sex with exactly 2 women…me and his ex-wife. That’s it. (I don’t think he will mind my sharing that)

Me, on the other hand, I have had sex outside of committed relationships and I regret and would take back most of them.

Just to add another data point…

I have never had sex outside a committed and monogamous relationship.