Do i have to ask permission to have a long "Location" in my profile?

i can’t seem to get everything in there, and i see people with humongous amounts of text there. If so, can somone please add “aka Barsoom” to the end of mine? it cuts off after the aka.

AFAIK, you can’t enter a long location any more.

Here’s what apparently happened. When the board came back up, you could enter a long location. Soon after that, the PTB decided that was confusing and limited new or changed ones to 25 characters.

If someone with a long location ever decides to change it, the location will be truncated to 25 chacters.

This is discussed in this thread:

What rowrrbazzle said.

okay, thanks!

C’mon, most of the SDMB world knows where Thark is!

Where’s Thark?

Mars, baby!