Do I own Poppy Montgomery or does my friend?

Apparently, jealousy has goaded my pal Jimmydude into a litigious rage.

My LJ (link below) details the removal of Christina Aguilera from my List of Five and her replacement with Poppy Mongomery of “Without a Trace.” Upon learning of this, Jimmydude immediately protested.

His argument: Miss Montgomery is not in my traditional demographic (early twenties/baby-faced/curvy), and that he has watched the show longer than I have (it’s on his TiVo list).

My argument: She was not on his list when I put her on mine. In fact, he denies even having a list. Furthermore, his awareness of Miss Montgomery without adding her to his list is de facto denial of her listworthiness. Plus, I called her first (known in legal circles as neener neener neener).
We have submitted this to binding arbitration (in other words, we e-mailed the argument to another friend of ours and asked for his ruling).

But I submit it to you, O Teeming Millions:
Who owns Poppy Montgomery?

I await your judgment.

(and my inevitable Pitting for endorsing slavery)

Oh obviously you. You have written proof of the object of your affections, whereas he can only make claims. After the fact, nonetheless.

So you win the Internet Argument.

I thought that the ability to own another person was outlawed years ago.

Looks like you’d better call the cops on me, then. :rolleyes:

I submitted it to the most authoritative court I know.. Good news: you won!

Unless he specifically called dibs, you win. These are the rules my friends and I use, and I am therefore the proud owner of Heath Ledger, Matt Damon, Hayden Christensen, and Tom Welling–but I wasn’t fast enough to snap up Christian Bale. I can live with my defeat. :slight_smile:

I own Poppy.

BTW: She is in a recent issue of Stuff magazine lookin’ fiiiinne. No, you can’t borrow it. I’m not, uh, done with it yet.