Do I want Firefox 3.6?

I’m being encouraged to upgrade to the newest version of Firefox – any reason I should? shouldn’t?


It’s not a major release, so no major changes: slight speed increase, personas, etc.

The only real reason not to upgrade, as ever, is if you have plugins/add-ons that aren’t compatible with the new version.

The tabbed browsing is slightly different - new tabs open immediately to the right of the tab currently in use, rather than at the far right of the window. Other than that it seems pretty much the same to me.

If the new tab behaviour in 3.6 bothers you, it can be changed back:



There was a thread in ATMB that showed some cookie handling issues that you can run into on vbulletin.

I tried 3.6, and it wasn’t significantly better. So that one little downside was enough for me to downgrade. I should have known better than to take a .0 release, anyways. I’m at least waiting til 3.6.1