"Do me a solid" - does anyone actually say this?

I’ve been watching a US sitcom recently and the phrase “do me a solid”, as in do me a favour, has been used several times. Has anyone had first hand experience of this being used in conversation? “Do me a solid” sounds like a command you give to a patient when requesting a stool sample.

It was more popular back in the early 90’s, if I recall. I used to say it occasionally; now I do sometimes just to be all nostalgic-like.

I have heard it used in the US. Not very often, though. It may be regional.

My ex says it. He means it to be in a throwback, Linc from Mod Squad kind of way.

He wouldn’t say it in a business situation.

I do. But then again, I saw that episode of Seinfeld too.

Yes. It’s what you say when you try to get someone to do you a favor you would never do for them.

My kids say it - I think they got it from Adventure Time or Regular Show. I heard one say to the other just the other day “Hey, you do me a solid and keep being awesome.” I think there were “finger guns” involved as well.

Yup - sounds like Cougar Town alright :slight_smile:

It’s in semi-regular parlance in my social circle.

I’ve only heard it on Seinfeld.

I had only heard it on Regular Show, but my wife says she has heard it.

That was Regular Show allright. That episode was pretty funny actually.

I say it sparingly, and it usually draws a laugh (and that’s good when you’re looking for someone to do you a favor).

Well, shit - I live under a rock then. I don’t recall any Seinfeld references, and I’ve never heard it get a laugh either. It’s just a way of saying “Hey, I REALLY need a favor, and you’re not gonna like it too much …”

Which, come to think of it, could still be an aspect of the stool-sample scenario** in the OP.
** Say THAT five times fast!

I had someone say it to me once. And then I told everyone I knew about him saying it and we all laughed. But in my defense, I did the favor.

Bill Murray said it to David Letterman way back when. It was the first show after Letterman moved to CBS from NBC.

I remember this as though it happened yesterday, but don’t ask me to recall my own cell phone number.

I was looking for the Cyanide and Happiness comic that portrays this very thing, but they’re blocked at work. No one says it in my social circles, but it does make me think of someone’s asking for my leavings.

I’ve heard people say it, so, yeah.

The one and only time I recall hearing it was in The Incredibles. I must have seen the Seinfeld you’re talking about, but I don’t remember it.

My 7-year-old says it, and I suspected one of these programs, which he lives for. It’s pretty humorous coming from a cute little kid. Of course I now ask him to do me solids all the time: pick up your toys, put on your pants, stop shrieking at the top of your lungs, etc.