Do multiple posts add in to user post count?

You know how it goes. Sometimes, you resubmit (like a doof!) and sometimes the ghost in the machine takes over, but every now and then we double (or more) posts. I once got five when my page hung up and I couldn’t back out of it.
So… does each one count to the user total? Or do all of them ham§ster up to just one?

Boy I hope so.

Boy I hope so. :slight_smile:

I believe it depends–sometimes when you double post one will count, or both. Sometimes when you triple or quadruple post, only one will register, only two, or all four. I’m not sure which is the most common result; I’d imagine it probably makes a difference based on what caused the glich in the first place. Hitting resubmit too many times probably talleys in each post, where as time-outs might not. Just a WAG.

Granted, you won’t be able to varify this now…but in the Song Title Game thread started by Flamsterette_X, she had a quadrupillepost. The system only counted two of them, however. The other day I double-posted, and it counted both.

As long as the time is different, they should count.

I remember that, Orange Skinner. Then there was the time that the system counted a quadruple-post as one post… or the one where it counted another quadruple post as all four posts.

Guess it depends.


I always assumed double-posting was strictly user error…clicking submit more than once.

Is their a glitch that causes it as well?

If the system is working perfectly, all posts count towards your total.

If it is not, then counts can be dropped, whether or not it is a double, triple, or octuple post.

It is not any more or less possible to predict if a particular post will count than it is to predict if the post will actually go through upon clicking “Submit”.

Double posting is typically user error in response to and combined with extreme board slowness. However, many have reported that they are clicking only once, yet posting multiple times. At first this could have been dismissed as user error, but too many people have reported it, so it has to be noted as a possible issue, anecdotal and non-repeatable as it is.

I have a real thing about double posting. If I submit something and get that “unable to connect to server” (or whatever it says) screen, I will go “back” to where the post was typed to be sure I still have the text.

Then I’ll open a second instance of my browser and work my way to the thread I had tried to reply to (or post an OP to). Once I find the “latest” version of the thread (still in the second instance of the browser) I will read it to see if the post took. If not, I go back to the first instance and submit again.

This also applies if I have tried a “preview” of the post, even though I suspect the odds of getting that to post are very slim.

As I said, I have a thing about double posting, so I try hard to eliminate the user error.

I guess about the only thing that irritates me about double posting is when multiple instances of the same thread get cranked up. I have seen as many as six and that gets freaky when more than one of them gets replies.

My multi posts are some sort of error, but not user error.

Here’s the scenario: I finish the reply or the previewed reply, click on submit, and the screen goes to a blank. It doesn’t have the little window about “you will be taken to your crappy post now” or a “cannot get that page now, gov’nor” message or anything like that.

It just hangs.

Sometimes, I can’t even back out of it. Then, it finally goes through and I have a multi post. The last time it hapened, I didn’t try to back out of it. I performed no other computer operations at all even. And i got a multi post.

That is not user error. Something is happening, either on the Dope or on the ISPs that we are using.

When I did that double post, above, it wasn’t easy. I had to submit the first, and then wait 30 seconds to submit the second one. Also, I had to put the smiley on the end of the second one- while the board would seem to accept an exact duplicate of my first post, it wouldn’t actually post the duplicate; I had to make the two different from each other.

Therefore, I don’t think user error is typically to blame; there seems to be some sort of system to prevent the double posts- I had to really try to do it.

In the case of multiple posts, I blame the ham§sters.

There are several things the software is trying to do when you submit a post. If the board hangs when you submits, some things can get left out.

Usually the post itself will eventually make it to the thread. I’ve had’em suspended in cyber no-man’s land for 10 minutes before appearing. But, while the post may appear, the thread may not be bumped, you may not appear as the last respondent on the forum page and the post may not get tallied in your post count.

I wish I had a link, but there was a thread yesterday where someone double posted their first post. They had two posts in the thread, and their post total was “1”. So, at least in that case, it only counted as one.