Do Palin's leaked speeches alter your opinion of her?

Exactly – why would you even do it? It can’t possibly benefit you, your party, or your future prospects. “I’m voting for her because of that backhanded compliment she made that one time. That was awesome!”

Foolish. But then, when isn’t she?

My opinion of Sarah Palin is still that she is probably trying to be a good person, but in my opinion that is not reason to take anything she says seriously. There are many good persons who have ideas I disagree with. To think she quit being govener to influnce the world to think her way(apparently) is a might egotistical.

I wouldn’t vote for her or for any of the pople she would back for any office. Just being a good person is not a qualification to be a leader of a nation or knowing who the best person to run for an office.

Her speech hasn’t changed my opinion at all. I still think that her qualifications are barely above “bobble-head”.

Not in this case, apparently, the lines are seperated in the actual text of her leaked concession speech.

Not really impressed, myself. She says some nice things about Obama, makes a sort of backhanded compliment others have noticed, and then goes into her boilerplate talk about her family and “this great country” pablum. McCain’s speech, by contrast, was one of the more moving political speeches of my lifetime. Granted some of that was more about the context then the speech itself.

Blows it. Right. There.
Team McCain were right to keep her quiet.

His speech, be it victory or concession, was the only one that anyone cared about coming from that room on that night.

Sarah’s finest (nationwide mass-media) hour was at the Convention; some major speechwriting calamity must have happened afterwards. She is so unprepared and stupid ,even Fox has called her out this time.

Good Golly. I’d love to see her response if someone were to have corrected her on the spot. She’s such a 'tard.

But I love calling her Caribou Barbie

Is she saying that the grapes were sour anyway, or that the fatherland failed her so they don’t deserve her?


Got damn. It’s better than “you won’t have Palin to kick around anymore,” but not by much.

Thing is, though, a good part of her base could care less what implications she raises as long as she gins up their RO. So to those people, it will only harden their loyalty to her.

Thanks for the link to the speeches in their entirety.

Sarah’s a dick even to the handicapped:

I have to agree with you, but this part of the victory speech sounds like Pure Pailn:

Is it me or is it incomprehensible?

The (male) Governors spouse is the “first lady of Alaska”, so Palin used to joke Todd was the “first dude”. The (male) VP’s spouse is the “second lady”, so if they’d won, Todd would’ve been “Second Dude”, which sounds like a step down, but isn’t.

Not exactly comedy gold, but not a terrible joke by the standards of political speech humor.

I’ve never heard of the VP’s wife being called the “2nd Lady”. Really – I had no idea. It makes a dim kind of sense.

I think the implication is “you’ve all been wooed by his charm, so he wins the election. If you idiots had any sense and voted for who would be the best president, we would’ve won”

I doubt my opinion of her could be any lower but I am fairly often surprised. While my opinion of her could be lower, I am certain it could never be higher.

As long as she keeps touting things like coin conspiracies and giving speeches in private, locked-down rooms with no recording devices allowed (even paper and pencil) whatsoever, she will be relegated to the category of “dumb bitch.”

AFAIK it’s not an official title, but it’s quite a common media nickname for the VP’s wife.

We saw the term “Second Gentleman” for a male vice-presidential spouse thrown around for a bit in the 2008 campaign, starting with the debate over whether Hillary Clinton would be Obama’s running mate.

As if when she got picked by the Repubs for Vp and immediately went into hiding, that wasn’t enough of a clue. They sat her down and trained her to answer questions and not be a tard. It did not work. How big a joke does someone have to be before the repubs run away from them screaming?

We’re still waiting for the bottom of that particular barrel to be sounded…

Who’s to say that this “leaked” speech is anything but disinformation? She could have planned a racist tirade and in the better light of day leaked this out 9 months later to rewrite history.