Do "Rabbits" DO IT for you?

Amaranta: those links give me an error. They load up a page with a background image, but it just says there is a database error.

I bought a “mid-grade” Rabbit and didn’t like the whole twisting-and-beads-moving functions. It was rather uncomfortable at times with those on, even mildly painful.

Ditto what Ferret Herder said. I was not impressed and it really just felt more weird than anything else. I’ll stay with my slimline, thanks, even if it does buzz really loudly.

**Rebecca, ** lube makes just about any sexual act, with a toy or not, better. (hmm, maybe not oral…) Whether you “need” it or not. I lube naturally quite a bit, but I still like a little more if I can get it. I recommend it, if you never tried it, or even if you did and didn’t like the kind you used. I’m a fan of Liquid Silk and Wet Platinum.

Well, I don’t need it for regular sex either. It just so hapens that when doing the toy thing it helps a TON to use lube- needed or not.

Do you have an actual Rabbit? The $65-$125 one (depending on where ya got it-- it’s $100 in the stores, mine was $65 off the net). As someone said, the price REALLY makes a difference.

For those of you with some experience in this area, do you have any recommendations for a “starter” vibe? My girlfriend thinks she might like to get one, but there aren’t any stores in the area where we could check them out in person. Is there a preferred material (latex, silicone, etc), or a company you think has the best quality? I’m assuming I’ll have to order one online since our state is working on banning sex toy sales.

I’d recommend silicone if you’re going for that kind of thing; it’s easy to clean, soft, warms easily, non-allergenic, and is used for things like menstrual cups so you know it’s well-suited for a woman’s genital area.

I’ve heard very, very good things about the Hitachi Magic Wand. If you’re going for battery powered, remember that generally, the more and the larger the batteries, the stronger the power - and the more bells and whistles to run on the item, the bigger a power suck it’ll be on the batteries.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Wet Platinum silicone based? If so, be aware that it can damage silicone toys. Me, I like Wet Light. (And I agree–as someone who doesn’t “need” it, I still think it makes stuff even better.)

Yes, it is silicone-based, and I’m aware of the damage such lubes can cause to silicone toys. Part of me would like to do an experiment just to see exactly what would happen, but the rest of me just can’t face the idea of ruining a perfectly good sex toy on purpose. :smiley: Wet Light is great as well. I once ordered a package of lube samples from a sex toy site. Much fun was had experimenting with them.

I tried Wet Platinum and it didn’t feel as wet to me. It felt more…oily…but not as heavy as oily would feel (i.e. not as heavy as oil-based lubes). I prefer the Light.

It belongs to boyfriend, and he takes great pride in ALL his electronic toys, so while I cannot guarantee it is the “deluxe” model (tho with the many features, I would suspect so), I have seen others that look just like it online for $60 and up, and I have every reason to believe he wouldn’t scrimp on something like this. It certainly made every motion it was advertised to make & was amazingly QUIET (compared to my older device at home). I think I may convince him to allow me to try it on my own, with lube, and see if there is a difference there.

I definitely don’t like the one I bought some years ago for solitary use, so perhaps it is just me.

I second this. Also, when I bought my Fun Factory vibe, the salewoman told me that I should always take the batteries out when I’m done with it. She said that leaving the batteries in all the time shortens the vibe’s working life, and added that she’d left the batteries in the first vibe she bought, and it stopped working after about six months. When she bought her second vibe, she was told to remove the batteries between use, and it’s lasted her for a few years now. Has anyone else heard this?

I have, and I was also told NOT to use good batteries in toys, because they’re too powerful. I use cheap-o batteries and take them out after every use and I’ve certainly noticed an increase in lifespan.

Yeah, the Hitachi Magic Wand is actually corded, not battery powered, which is why the vibrations are so much stronger. Some women find it too strong but if the batter powered ones don’t do anything for you, give it a try.