Do some people (physically) lack the ability to burp/fart discreetly?

Okay, I know this certain person who never hesitates to burp or fart in public, and is totally without shame about the whole thing. Her argument is that it’s unhealthy to hold it in. Fine. Erasmus was of the same position, but even in the rude 15th century, he stressed the importance of removing yourself from the general company before breaking wind.

Anyway, I’m not soliciting opinions on whether or not this is rude behavior or not, I have little doubt that most people will be in accord on that note.

It’s this: She expels gas from both ends at maximum volume. Heads turn when she does it on a heavily-trafficked street. This drives me bugshit crazy. I figure if she must, at least be quiet about it. She claims she can’t. I think she just gets perverse pleasure out of being rude in public. I mean, we’re talking about exclamatory parps here. And Barney Gumble type eructations.

I think her claim of inability to sneek it out quietly from either end is bullshit. There are voluntary muscles involved that can easily be prevented from vibrating like a boomcar’s subwoofer, right? People produce gas, and release it fairly regularly. If people commonly lacked the ability to muffle that business, we’d never go to theatre without being assaulted by the sound of resonating sphincters and esophaguses, right?

Or am I just being a tightass?

Sometimes my muscles don’t do exactly what I want them to do, sometimes it can be disastrous.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but that’s a hell of a couple statements you’ve got up there. :slight_smile:

I really have no idea what the real answer to your question is, but IMO, I don’t really think people are incapable of being more silent about it. It’s probably just carelessness. In my mind, it’s doubtful some have more control over those certain muscles than others. :eek:

Of course she does. I’ve met a few women who claimed that they couldn’t be more discreet, but I never considered for a second that they were telling the truth. Not only can you force yourself to let it out slowly and quietly, but it takes effort to expel as loudly as how you’re describing her.

Why would you expect everyone to have the exact same control over those muscles, when we clearly differ in our coordination related to so many other things? Some people can ice skate, some can’t. Some can juggle, some can’t.

I don’t have an answer to the OP, but humans vary in so many aspects, surely this could also be one of them.