Do women find male orgasms funny?

I ask because it struck me that there’s a surprising lack of male orgasms in comedy. Just about every male orgasm I’ve experienced would be hi-larious to an uninvolved third party (amusing aside, I was discussing this with a friend and said “For example, one guy’s went like this”, and this starting mimicing his orgasm. He immediately recognized it and huffed in offense).

Before starting a thread about why men’s orgasms aren’t ridiculed in comedies enough, I thought and realized that most men have probably only witnessed one male orgasm, their own (and, unwittingly, have never witnessed a woman’s :wink: ), and thus wouldn’t understand any ridicule. Therefore the only writers of and audience for such gags would be straight women and gay men.

That is, if women even think such a thing is funny. So, ladies who have a few notches in your belts - when reminiscing about the orgasms you’ve witnessed outside of the context that brought them about, do they make you chuckle?

In Office Space they make fun of the boss’s “O” face. That’s kind of funny. But in the realm of my own experience I never have found anything particularly amusing about it. IRL I don’t usually mix sex and comedy.

I can’t believe I’m about to post this.

I remember one time I was masterbating when I happend to catch a glimpes of myself in a mirror I had set on my dresser drawer. (I was planning on hanging it later on that day)

It’s the only time I can EVER recall stopping before finishing the deed. Mainly because I couldn’t keep myself from laughing so hard.

Then I cried.
I cried a lot!

If by “Funny” you mean “Totally hot”, then yeah, I think male orgasms are really funny. :smiley:

What Amazon Floozy Goddess said. :slight_smile:

I’m aware of references to and jokes about funny orgasm faces, but have never seen one in person.

…And so the human race survives another day against almost insurmountable odds.

My last boyfriend made that same face just before orgasm: His mouth formed a perfect “O” that looked so unnatural and humorous that I couldn’t look at him for fear I’d break out laughing (and kill my orgasm!).

Almost any intimate behavior is embarassing when you’re, well, not intimate.

That holds for crying, rambling, nudity, orgasms… Bottom line, when I love somebody, witnessing such intimate behavior is sweet and hot.
But if I don’t love somebody, (or myself) such behavior is embarrassing, at best funny, and at worst, disturbing.

Have you guys ever heard of this site? It holds self-made pictures of the faces men and women having an orgasm.
The beauty is that just the faces are shown. Obviously not safe for work, even though there isn’t a naughty part in sight.
Just google for " beautiful agony" and you’ll find it.

If it’s the one I’m thinking of the female ones are amazing. And you can tell they are real.

Is anyone going to provide a link or suggest a Google search for said site? I mean, how can I donate my valuable time to scientific research on the amusement of orgasm expressions without having a reliable resource?

Anybody? :smiley:

Asimovian, just google " beautiful agony". The site is part French. There’s a section with just guys’ faces as well.

I must admit some of those people look rather… pained. “Tortured” comes <snerk> to mind. But then again, I’ve never seen my face during an orgasm, so I might well look like I’m having my toenails held in the fire. Hmm. Perhaps a little experimentation with a webcam might be called for here. :smiley: Anything in the name of fighting ignorance!

Having now reread your original post, I’m not sure how I missed that the first time. :wally

To answer the OP, no, I don’t find male orgasms funny - at least not the faces of the ones I’ve been with. In fact, when I see/hear my partner about to orgasm, it usually tips me into orgasm territory myself (not necessarily to have one at the same time, but it’s a pretty huge wave of a turn-on, even though by then, I’ve usually orgasmed three or four times). So, no, not funny, but smoking hot, for me.

And now I’m off to Google.

Ok, just to clear up the singular direction this is going for some reason, I’m not talking about just faces. I’m talking about everything involved, including sounds and body convulsions.

For example, I was on the phone with the friend I mentioned in the OP, so it wasn’t his face that I was mimicing.

'Cause men don’t watch porn movies.

I laughed just thinking about the faces men make and the things they say. One guy would always say “Oh boy oh boy oh boy” and my best friend had also slept with him so that was a little in-joke between her and I. And one guy would make these sounds like he was crying, and I never asked because it just seemed awkward. I do find male orgasms fascinating, extremely hot (and I mean extremely), and yes, sometimes funny. As are, I’m sure, my own at times.

Between my own sweet release and watching his, sometimes the session ends with me laughing, but I do make sure I’m not laughing at him, I’m laughing for him. No, seriously- laughing is a great way to finish sex and bonding during that intimate time.

Yes, because “money shot” means zooming in on the guy’s face at the big moment, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I don’t find anything funny about my partner’s orgasm. It’s sexy as hell, often pushing me over the edge (again) myself. Besides, I love knowing that I’m doing my job and making him a happy man.