Do you consider the POTUS Donald Trump as a loose cannon?

Perhaps SD is the wrong place to question President Trump’s mental state of mind, but I just wanted to know what the numbers look like.

In the days of sail, naval vessels mounted cannon carefully and purposefully rigged into positions which optimised the effect of their fire. Occasionally, the rigging of these very heavy guns might come loose, and with the vessel pitching about on high seas or during manuever in battle, the results for the ship and crew could prove catastrophic.


Loose cannon definition is - a dangerously uncontrollable person or thing. How to use loose cannon in a sentence. a dangerously uncontrollable person or thing…

Talk about an entire supertanker of poison for the well in the poll choices.

Trump’s own action and statements combined with the statements of his supporters inside his campaign and administration is enough to convince me he’s a loose cannon.

The poll seems to have nothing in common with the thread title. Maybe a mod can fix that?

It’s not the cannon that’s loose, it’s the rest of the ship around it.

I’ll answer this question when you can tell me. “Yes or no, have you stopped beating your wife, yet?”

Yes, but not because the press says so. Donald Trump actions and words point to somebody who is mentally unstable.

Yes, people who oppose Trump are simply sheep following what the press tells them. Unlike the OP, who has chats with God and is given revelations of the future. That of course is just plain hunky-dory.

Trump is the same person he always has been.
A liar and a cheat. He has literally always been famous for those two things.

Trump is a loose popgun. Or a loose megaphone. A 2yr old in a China shop. His danger is self-inflated, and people are frightened by the large noises.

Moving this to the Pit. Those poll choices poisoned the well from the get go.

Which choice do I pick for “Fuck you and fuck your poll, asswipe”?

I don’t read the american press. I’ve heard Trump speak. IMO he is, at the very least, delusional. The irrational garbage comes straight out of his mouth, not from the media.

Yes, he’s a street-smart loose cannon with a short fuse who breaks all the rules. What are we doing here.

For the OP, it’s a screw that’s loose.

For those if you unfamiliar with it, Mr. Quackpot’s dedicated pit thread.

He’s a vile, incompetent lunatic without a single redeeming quality that I’m aware of; calling him a “loose cannon” grossly underestimates how awful he is, and insults cannons.

And that goes for Trump too.

And that goes for Trump too.

Of course he is a unhinged con man with delusions of competence whose very best appointees also think he is dangerous.
At this point anyone still a Trumpist is an Unamerican unpatriotic piece of slime.

I thought there were no stupid questions until I read the poll choices.