Do you dance in the wind? Pough-chan is 5 today

“Daaaddyy loooook!” she cries, yellow shoes flying through the tall green grass in the last days of the hot summer heat. Squeals of delight as she stops and spins, the wind tossing her hat. “Daddy, look!” A stumble and the infectious laughter of a toddler fills the park. The baby boy, perched on the father’s arm, grins upward as he too feels the cool breeze.

I never knew. I never knew that it would just be so much fun.

Do you dance in the wind, little one? Do you float over the trees and swoop down to the lake? Do you slip between the trees and skim the grass? And laugh and laugh and off again for another round?

I always thought you were serious, with the steady gaze and marked silence. That you would watch. But maybe you are like your little sister, never upset for too long.

The little boy gets plucked from his perch. Tossed up into the bright blue sky, your younger brother laughs as he comes back down. But you didn’t. You floated off and left us standing with open arms waiting for a moment which would never come. Off into the dark clouds of the cold gray autumn sunset.

I thought that your tears matched mine, but maybe you run alongside your sister, chasing the leaves. Maybe you live in the sunlight and not the shadows.

You were held but just once, eight hours and five years ago. Kissed and hugged and then you were gone. You slipped from our fingers before we could know you but not before we could love you.

Do you dance in the wind?

Happy Birthday.


What a lucky little girl, to have two such parents. I remember how we were all going “Sticky, sticky, sticky!” Doesn’t seem like five years.

My nephew is now a senior in high school, and something is wrong about that. Shouldn’t he just be, well, starting kindergarten?


Must be something in my eye…

That was beautiful and touching, TokyoPlayer. Your first baby… I’m so sad that she is gone, yet happy that her brother and sister are filled with joy, that you all have each other.

He watches his little sister and his little brother, and he laughs with them. He sees the parents who held him so very briefly, and he smiles at how happy they are now. He knows his family and how they still love him, and he’s at peace.

We remember you, Ian Pough.

I love the image of Ian dancing along with his younger siblings. Makes a sad birthday a little bit happy.

Hugs and good thoughts headed out toward the whole Tokyofamily.

My, has it really been five years? Blessings to you and your family, as Ian watches over all of you and dances in your thoughts.

Happy birthday, Ian!

Hugs to all, TokyoPlayer. And here’s some virtual balloons. :slight_smile:

That was lovely! Time has gone by so fast.

This is a lovely tribute to Ian. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Happy Birthday, Pough-chan. You are not forgotten.

Happy birthday, Ian. And thanks again for remembering I have to phone Mom on hers, TP… :smack:

Beautiful tribute…pardon me, I seem to have fallen prey to that thing in the eye…back in a moment.

Unreal – did someone leave a window open, to get all this dust flying around the room? Pardon me, I just need to find a tissue for this dust in my eyes …

Happy Birthday, little Ian Pough. Dance in the wind, little guy, and always know how loved you were and are.

That was beautiful. Weeping openly here.

I love to imagine the adventures of little Pough -Chan, floating on the wind.

Thank you everyone for remembering.

Yes, it’s been five years. Yesterday was five years since Ian Pough, my first child was born and today is five years since since died. We choice to celebrate the former and to remember the later.

Beta-chan is almost three, and now can say “sticky, sticky, sticky” when she has jam. Didi is almost one.

I’m in America for two weeks, so we had Ian’s birthday party last Saturday. Beta-chan still hasn’t figured it out, why is her older brother a baby, even younger than Didi, but she’ll get it in time.

I love being a dad, reading stories, tossing them in the air, changing diapers, toilet training, playing, taking care of them, singing off key, making pancakes together, the whole works. Didi has been waking up at 5:00 am, so I’ve been putting him on a sling and bicycling around the neighborhood for a couple of hours to get him some more sleep. Lost 6 lbs. and have gotten a lot of thinking done.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend as much time with them as I have, and we’re close for it.

I’m working on a project which looks like it is likely to turn into a full time job, but I’m letting them know that I will work hard until 6:00 and then my real priorities take over.

At times I wish so hard that Ian could be with us. Not as much now, there there still are showers were not all the water comes from the tap.

Gradually, I’m realizing that hold on too tight to Ian doesn’t help our family now, so I picture us playing together.

I remember Ian. Happy birthday, little guy. So many people all over the world know your name and will always remember you.

You have such at lovely family, TP.

Sad smile.

Happy belated birthday, Pough-chan. You are remembered and loved.

A very mving tribute…