Do you decorate your house for holidays besides Halloween, Christmas, or Hanukkah?

From the outside, I mean. I’ve started to over the past few years. I put up a glittery green shamrock decoration on our front door for St. Patrick’s Day, and I put an egg-shaped one for Easter.

I’d rather put a wreath on the front door, but years ago birds put a nest there, so now I only put up wreaths in the fall and for Christmas.

I have a 5’ inflatable turkey the I lean out the window & put on the porch roof for Thanksgiving. It gets inflated early Wed morning & comes in to the den floor Fri morning; once its dry & checked over, it gets carefully packed away for the following year sometime Fri after afternoon or evening.

My wife is really into Independence Day (the holiday, not the film), and we always host a cookout after going to the local parade on that day. So, she has a bunch of red/white/blue and American-flag-theme decorations that she’ll put up in the house.

My wife has specialty décor items for the house for the following holidays:

Valentines Day
4th of July

We decorate our house for Purim. And, if the Royals are in it, for the World Series.

My parents still do, yes.

Easter, St. Paddys, 4th of July…Mom has the whole lot.

I used to keep string lights in my front window, changing the color (and sometimes shape) depending on what holiday was coming up next. Sadly, I’m no longer physically capable of keeping that up.

Some former neighbors had large lawn inflatables for almost every holiday. It was tacky, but I loved it. Those things were huge, and their house was tiny. I always wondered where they stored them all.

I don’t decorate for anything. We sit back far enough from the road that no one could see anything anyway. But mostly, I just don’t care.

We’ve been in the house coming up on 13 years. I hung a wreath for Christmas one year (a friend was doing a fundraiser) and I did Halloween the first year. But hardly any kids showed up and we’ve kept the lights off since then.

Bah humbug! :smiley:

Dia de Muertos is a biggie here.

Set out an altar with goodies.

Same as FairyChatMom

My house, well the only people that would see it would be a lost member of the bush people cast, and no need to decorate for them

This evening I saw a house lit up in Mardi Gras colors. It was pretty cool.

Just a string of lights or more recently, lawn projector thing outside for Christmas and a small tree inside. That’s it.

Our Christmas tree is in the front window all year round, just not lit up in the off-season.

For Easter we get a good branch from the park and hang Easter eggs and ornaments.

Two small flags, for the two garden urns in the front yard, on Canada day.

( We also skip Halloween, as not enough kids out and about in this neighbourhood! )

Do pet hair and dust bunnies count? If so, we decorate year round.

We put up a few harvest themed things in the fall, and maybe a few bunny things for Easter.