Do you enjoy being home?


My Wife and I take nice vacations. And while I don’t really miss it while away, getting home is wonderful.

And as others have said, once I’m home after work, that’s where I stay. And I like it that way.

Yes. That’s why I live here.

Yes! This was not so true when I was young(er), but these days, once I’m home, that’s pretty much it. I usually don’t even answer the phone. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out. Going out to dinner, out for drinks with friends, but once I’m settled in in the evening… sorry guys!

I absolutely love it. But I’ve got to experience some wide, open space from time-to-time. I wouldn’t want to be *stuck *here for days.

I don’t love my house, and I am actively looking for a new one on a bit of land outside the city, but it is my home, and I like being at home.

Oh my goodness, I LOOOOVE being at home! So much so that I’ve instituted a “gotta go to campus two or three days a week so I don’t become a shut-in” policy.

Mrs. Shark is also an avid homebody, so we’re a perfect match. We have an acre of forest-y land and it’s easy to stay home for days and days without realizing that we haven’t really ventured into the outside world, it was just our backyard.

Much like me. Only full time people on our road, and the back property line abuts national forest.

I enjoy travelling, but no bed is more comfortable than mine. There is something nice about being home, and enjoying all my stuff. We have the Mount Vernon trail a few minutes away by bike as well as a really large park so there are places to walk around and enjoy the outdoors.

Yes, very much. I enjoy it too much, hard to meet people when you’re sitting at home. But I do get the strong urge to wander every so often, so I do.

I must, I keep going there - even though it’s where people send bills that I have to pay.

I really like my house. It’s exactly the right size. We’ve lived in it for 23 years. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger yard, but other times I’m glad I don’t have to maintain it.

It makes me happy to be here nearly all the time.

Very much how we feel. We moved into a new house a few years ago as empty nesters. Completely redid it inside and out exactly the way we wish. Neither of us are huge social butterflies, and we hate traffic and crowds. So when you add in having such a nice place to be, it can make it hard to convince ourselves to leave the house.

Vacations are nice, but it is always nice to return. And yeah - the dog.

Yes, possibly to a fault. I am quite introverted and a home body.

I’m a total homebody. Retired over two years ago and I’m not tired of puttering around the house yet.

We turned down a free (work related) trip this summer because we prefer our home.

Yes, I love being home. I’m a homebody.

No. It’s jumbled and messy since we moved in, and I’m too exhausted to fix it up. There’s my 91-year-old incontinent disabled mother who I have to keep an eye on, so I can’t just up and go whenever I want. The neighborhood is not to my tastes. There’s no food stores I like nearby and I don’t have a car. Every grocery trip is a multiple bus ride from hell. The only thing I like about my home is my three cats. And two of them are elderly, and one throws up a lot.

My job sucks too, but I still would rather spend ten minutes there past quitting time typing this than getting home any sooner than I usually do.

Ha! We did that too this summer. There are definitely places I’d like to see before I die, but increasingly I find travel to be a big, uncomfortable pain in the butt. I want MY bed, MY couch, MY TV, and MY dawgs.

I’ve always preferred to be at home, but I dislike my current home so much that I no longer enjoy it.

I long to have my own little place. I miss that contented feeling of being in a space I love.

Indubitably. My home is my respite from the rest of the world.