Do You Ever Buy Food You Know You Won't Like?

I mean buy food for yourself :slight_smile:

For instance, I hate avocados, I’ve never liked them, but today they were on sale, so I bought one, just to see if I still didn’t like it. I still didn’t like it.

And in the past I’ve bought avocados “just to see.”

Now sometimes it does happen I didn’t like a food then I grow into it. For instance, I hated tomatoes when I was a little shaver, and as a teen I hated them too. But after reaching adulthood, I find I really lke them now.

So have you ever bought food, you know you hate, just to see if you still hate it? If so, what was it?

Every so often I’ll buy a cup of yogurt to see if I like it yet.

Nope, I don’t.

I ordered a Hawaiian pizza (ham and pineapples) a few years ago and tried to eat a slice to see if I still hated it.

Yes, it’s still as disgusting as ever.

Back when I was at school, I’d get some dish from the cafeteria that looked good, but tasted terrible, and I’d leave it on my plate. Then the next time they’d have that dish, I’d think “I wonder why I didn’t like that dish, it looks so tasty, it can’t be THAT bad.” And then I try it and…yup, still gross.

Every few years i try and make some eggplant, and am reminded that it does nothing for me. I’m still unconvinced it actually belongs to a food group.

You obviously did not go to Catholic school in the fifties and sixties. Sister Mary de Sade made us eat everything on our plates. Once in the fifth grade we learned up close and personal what the effects of an allergic reaction to tomatoes was like…

I’ve only done it once, but I bought a mango just to make sure that yes, even though it sounds good, I do not like extra-firm cinnamon-flavored peaches.

I suppose I should mention this was in college and not grade school :D. Assuming, of course, that there aren’t colleges that make you eat everything on your plate.

Actually, a friend of mine told me a story of how he was fed the “think of the starving children in China!” line when he wouldn’t eat everything on his plate, and his mother complained to the school about encouraging him to overeat. Then again, this was in the early 90’s, so I guess our mileages definitely varied.

A couple of things…olives, eggplant, and lamb. Olives are still too salty, I still don’t know what eggplant is supposed to be and I’ve had a couple of different ways, and lamb just tastes funny (but looks so good).

yay more for me =)

OK, now who wants my clams, oysters and mussels?

Once in awhile, I’ll buy a bottled salad dressing just to save time at home, since I usually whisk up something out of oil and vinegar and seasonings myself.

Then I rediscover that no, I don’t like bottled salad dressing. It’s heavily salted and seasoned and often tastes of that rancid-ish preserved garlic flavor.

But how do you eat avocados? I have them in a bowl with ice cubes and sugar, it’s like a healthy version of ice cream.

Me me me me! Jumps up and down, waves arms around

Seafood is yum.

Every few years, I buy dill pickles, to see if I like them yet. Nope, not yet.

I kept buying different kinds of mustard for about 10 years, thinking it might be an acquired taste, and never liked any of them, so I finally stopped wasting my money. Now, I keep a bottle of the yellow stuff in the fridge for my kids, but I still hate the smell of it and I’ve given up on ever liking it.

Scallops. I just know I’m gonna like them one day because everyone says they’re so good! Liars!

A peach. Nope it still sucked.

A can of Spam that somebody didn’t want. It still sucked. The cloying sweet aftertaste of the bit I ate almost made me puke later.

Nope. I do buy food that I think I’ll eat and don’t, but it is usually because I overestimated my interest and bought too much. But I don’t buy food I know I won’t like.

Capers. Now how do I get my mouth to un-pucker?

Oh, and circus peanuts. Every couple of years I get a hankering for them, which goes away after one bite.

Anything with tomato sauce except pizza. Unfortunately my family likes spaghetti and meatballs and lasagna and the like, so I still make those things, but it’s “honey, you hardly ate anything” night for Dad.

Once every two or three years I’ll get a craving for some Pancho’s all you can eat Mexican buffet.

I know I don’t like this place but somehow, with the passage of time, I convince myself that it wasn’t all THAT bad. I mean it’s AYCE FCOL!

But yeah, after paying full price for the AYCE, I usually only get one plate that doesn’t even get half eaten.

BTW, this is a wide open market. If somebody were to open up a AYCE Mexican buffet with food that doesn’t suck; (doesn’t have to be great; just NOT suck) they could make a kill’n.