Do you find Kellyanne Conway attractive?

I stumbled across a few articles discussing Trump selecting some female cabinet members based on looks – chiefly, tapping Conway as his prez counsellor.

Is she generally considered physically attractive?

No. I’d be afraid she’d put my eye out.

She isn’t hideous but she isn’t very attractive either. She looks like the typical Jersey girl that she is. She also looks more than a little worn out to me. She is only 49 but looks older. Her face isn’t notably attractive. The only thing she really has going for her is that she is thin and can afford decent clothes and makeup. Even that can’t change the fact that it looks like she has spent way too much time in the sun.

I don’t find her especially pleasant to look at. But that might have something to do with the bullshit that constantly comes out of her mouth.

I’d say her looks are average for a woman with some financial means. She’s certainly not ugly, but she’s not Hollywood hawt. However, she looks better than the average Jill Sixpack.

She’s quite hideous, monstrous even.

She doesn’t look very good, either.

Politics aside, I don’t find her especially attractive. She’s not ugly but she’s no Sarah Palin (to grab another GOP’er known for looks). Like Shagnasty says, she looks older than her 49 years and a bit sun-worn.

That woman been rode hard and put away… in a very dry climate.

Maybe she got the wrong portrait.

I wouldn’t say objectively attractive. But she does fit the bill for conventionally put together - for a 49 year old Jersey girl who is not a media figure. She’s not fat, she’s got the blonde hair, she was probably good looking when she was young.

But I wouldn’t say Trump used the “central casting” yard-stick in selecting her. She gets the job based on her experience with him through the campaign. If he were selecting from outside his circle, I could see him weighing appearance more heavily.


She looks sweet. Boring as hell no doubt, but one needn’t listen.
However not only is she adorably trim, she is also blonde, the most important quality of them all.

Insanely enough, she looks even better brownish haired in this pic with a sports coat:

I actually was surprised at how unattractive she was, given how attractive she looks on SNL.

I mean, she’s not horribly unattractive–she mostly just looks older and with bad skin.

Then again, Trump is in his 70s, and being older seems to change the age you find attractive. People here talk about female celebrities who they say are just as attractive as when they were younger, and, with the exception of Marissa Tomei (who actually got hotter), I generally disagree. Though I’ve noticed that I find more older women attractive as I age.

I do agree that it has a lot more to do with her role in the campaign. However, that wouldn’t preclude him hiring her for his campaign due to her looks. I mean, he did mention looks a lot on the Apprentice, and did talk about how he thinks women who are more attractive are smarter, claiming they have to work harder to be taken seriously.

I’m a little surprised to hear that she’s only 49 - until reading that, I was about to say she looked pretty good for a woman in her 50’s.

She’s still above average in looks, but it’s not a look I find particularly attractive. It’s an “I’m trying too hard” kind of look that makes me think more about her maintenance budget than her actual appearance.

That her conscience allows her to lie so obviously, deliberately and consistently is what makes her truly ugly. I think her outward appearance is simply a reflection of that. It’s well earned.

Throughout the campaign, I said that she looked like an abused housewife. Kinda flinchy, and always on edge covering up for someone else’s horribleness. I haven’t changed that assessment.

That’s because the SNL actress who plays her (Kate McKinnon) is only 32 and isn’t ugly.
IMHO, no. She’s thin and blond which helps give the illusion of being more attractive. But on close inspection, I find her features a bit distorted. Even in younger photos, she appears kind of “bug-eye” with a “crazy grin”.

…and a cheap dye job.

Holy crap Batman! She’s only 49?! I thought she was at least 7 years older than my sprightly 50.

No, but I’ll bet she was hot when she was 20.

In my younger days when I was very sexist I would have said that she has a lot of miles on her, and they’re hard miles. But I would never say that now.

Yup Kate McKinnon is quite pretty, but when she plays Hillary Clintonor Angela Merkel she does not look too hot to believably play these older women.

As KellyAnne, for some reason she looks much prettier than the real thing.

Interest opinions, Thx. She is so the opposite of my taste in women it’s difficult for me to evaluate.

There are many women who seem to be vaunted as pretty due to being skinny, blonde, and white.