Do you have a Hat Face?

There are very very few things in today’s world that are black or white. Most everything is shades of grey.

One of the last things that is black or white, on or off, yes or no is having a hat face. When people put on a hat, they either look (a) incredibly cool or (b) like a total dork. There is no in-between when talking about hat faces.

It’s got nothing to do with how good looking a person is. Many a beautiful person looks awful in a hat, and many ugly ones look good. It’s got nothing to do with the hat. People with hat faces can wear a sombrero or a Carmen Meranda fruit-type hat and still look good. One of the best hats I’ve ever seen was a Santa Hat with a long green cap’s bill attached to it. The guy wearing it really had a hat face.

The ultimate test of the hat face is earmuffs. Only people with real hat faces look good wearing earmuffs.

I’m not particularly good looking, but I do have a hat face. Any hat I put on looks good, and I have a great collection of them.

What about you?

I dunno. I look like a dork without a hat on, I’m pretty sure a hat doesn’t change that…

I soooo want to look good in hats. I love them. Alas, I look like a dork. I will wear baseball caps and golf visors when I need to have the sun out of my eyes, but I still look like a dork.

Count me in the no-hat-face category. My older daughter, in contrast, can put on any hat at all and look good. Makes the hat look good, too. I wish I knew what proportions or features make the difference.

I’ve been told that I carry off the hats I wear very well.

Of course, I’m usually told this by the same people who claim I’m scary to meet on the streets at night. I’m not sure that this is quite the compliment they mean it to be.

Either way, I really don’t care anymore whether I have a hat face. You can have my hats when you pull it from my prehensile hat head hair.

I can wear hats.

neener neener neener

Yes, but it’s paired with limp, drab hat hair. And getting one to fit over my giant noggin can be tough. But once it’s on, it’s usually quite cute.

I used to think I had a hat face. I wore one instead of a veil with my wedding dress. A tragic mistake even if hats were somewhat stylish wedding wear at the time.

I have been told I look great in hats. I love them, but the opportunity to wear them (outside of winter, etc) is rare. I have probably 15 hats - straw boater with silk flowers (weddings, graduations), black wool hat with a velvet band (winter funerals & dress occasions in general). My favorite is a tiny all feathers (black) cocktail hat circa 1955 - complete with a very fine, very tiny black veil. I sometimes wear it into the city when I am going to the “theatah” :smiley:


Nope, non-hat face here. It looks like I just kind of stuck something on my head when I wear one. Ergo, I almost never do.

I still have lots of hair, though, so I don’t need a hat, anyway.

I look strange *without *a hat. I have a hat face, or so I’m told. Often. By many people. The first time I heard it, I was shopping with my best friend.

Her: “Try this hat on”
Me: dons hat
Her: “Holy shit, that looks good on you. Try this one.”
Me: dons new hat
Her: “That’s really cute, too. God, I can’t wear hats at all. Here, try this one, no one could look good in this.”
Me: dons huge, goofy, floppy strawhat
Her: “…I hate you.”
Without a hat, I think I look like a pinhead.

i used to be known as Hat Lady because i’d wear hats to work. i stopped that when i stopped wearing dress suits, but i still wear hats to church every Sunday. and i wear a casual hat when running errands or going to the barn.

the secret is finding the style of hat that suits your face. broad brims are my friends, particularly ones that have an angle to them or that you can customize a bit. some of the Church Lady styles i can pull off. things with gigantic crowns are right out. :eek: small brims sometimes work, but not often.

The one and only time I found a hat that didn’t look horrible on me, I was in Amish country. Needless to say, I don’t wear them (except when I throw on a baseball cap because nobody’s going to care where I’m going that day)

I come from the Pumpkin Headed People. Put an overturned coffee mug on a basketball; that’s what I look like in a hat.

Complete dork in every way, and that’s being generous. Not a hat face. Not to mention I must have a huge-looking head.

I have no idea whether I’d look good in a hat.

Me with a hat. And a time machine.

Hello fellow left-handed guitarist.

I like wearing hats and still do on occasion even though people tell me I look better without them. I think it’s just people with smaller or more narrow heads look better in hats.

I think I look good in hats, and people tell me I do…::shrug:: Maybe they were blowing smoke. I don’t really have any pictures handy to post.

Hat face here. My boyfriend would sometimes put the kitchen strainer on my head. Cocked a bot to the side, it looked terrific.

Unfortunately, I live in a culture where no-one wears hats. My hat-face is wasted in the Netherlands.

Does anyone know of a modelling agency for hat-faces?