Do you have a local equivalent of The Onion?

Here in the Rochester area we have the Inner Loop Blog, a satirical fake news site about local affairs. I’m sure many of the jokes will not make sense to people outside of the region. But go check it out if you want to read jokes about Lovely Warren, Wegmans, the Red Wings, and Kimberly & Beck.

Does your area have an equivalent? If so, post a link.

Sydney University’s

and UNSW’s

and I haven’t found out where the editor of Satirewire ended up, but the guy had promise.

Nationally Australia also has the Betoota Advocate.


Then there is the multimedia versions of

… amongst others well know for their bumbling, crude, piss-taking (and almost successful) attempt to gate crash APEC in 2007.

And the shovel

When I was in grad school in the late '80s, we had a satire paper, started by a couple of guys who had worked at the “legit” student newspaper. It was “The Onion.” :smiley:

Private Eye has been satirising the pomposity and hypocrisy of the British establishment since the early 1960s.

German version: Der Postillon

I hadn’t seen this. It’s pretty good for a local effort.

But you really have to follow the news closely. Even I didn’t get some of the references and I’m a lifer.

The UK also has

The Daily Mash

New Zealand has The Civilian.

Spain has “EL MUNDO TODAY”, and they are simply GLORIOUS.

Here is the link:

Not so much news as dystopian social commentary, the UK also has the Scarfolk site.

It’s not as popular as Private Eye but on the other hand the British government has struggled to see the difference between Scarfolk and its own work at times.

The long-departed real Onion was local to Madison, Wisc. (I assume you know this…) It had charming local features like “Drunk Of The Week”, with accompanying photos.

Around here it’s. . . well, me. But I don’t publish on a regular schedule.

Canada has “The Beaverton”. There’s also the satirical news series “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” (which I was surprised to see is still on the air after 27 years).

Sports Pickle used to be Chicago sports centric but it appears that they have expanded beyond the area.

Also, it looks like the site hasn’t been updated since 2018.

La Crosse, WI has the La Crosse Times (The stanndard newspaper is the Tribune)


Oklahoma - beyond stupid. See - The Lost Ogle. Here’s a link to their coverage of “Tiger King” Joe Exotic over the years.

Also for Hawaii - David Shapiro at

He has a weekly dirt opinion column in the Honolulu Star Advertiser.