Do you have dreams with narrators?

I’ve been having odd dreams recently. Rather than a participant, I am the audience. In itself, that’s not too strange (for me), but now narrators are appearing to explain the plot to me.

Have you experienced this phenomenon?

I’ve appeared in my own dreams as narrator a couple of times. Does that count?

nah, but once I dreamt I was a character in a very realistic video game, and there was some kind of “score tally” at the top of my field of vision the whole time.

I’ve done that; sadly, it’s usually in a sort of dream I’d RATHER participate in, ie some sort of trashy romance dream.

::le sigh::

I’ve had that a lot of times. Sometimes I am/was watching the action, then became part of the action. I sometimes wanted the main character to go faster, to get out of danger. I slipped into that person’s place (and ran!).

“That” referring to the OP. :smack:

No…never…but now I want to have such a dream, so I’m going to try to force myself into having one. I’ll let you know if it worked tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.