Do you have the finale of Average Joe???

My TiVo screwed up! I need to see it! Please someone…tell me you can get a tape of it for me!


I was watching Tommy Hilfiger and taping So You Think You Can Dance – so I didn’t see it. The summary at Reality News Online was pretty good though: link.

Strangely enough, I do have it. Email me at interface2x at hotmail and I can get it to you on dvd.

Gah, what a trashy site. Jumping beheebujees all over the place. It’s enough to induce an epilectic seizure. And then, to top it all off, some flashing ad slides in and covers the article, following you everywhere you scroll. Holy cow. I’m glad my antivirus software was running.

And a pop-up when you close the bastard. Damn.

:smack: And it’s not even the right article. It’s not about the finale, but the next-to-last. I’m going to purge my system now.

Sorry, lib. My anti-crap filters are good enough that I didn’t realize a lot of that stuff was there. Should have thought about that though.