Do you know anyone with violet eyes?

And do you have pics?

I know they are technically possible, but most of the pictures I’ve seen I’d describe them more as baby blue. (Like here or this kitten ) I’ve seen exactly one picture of really really purple eyes that I didn’t think was photoshopped and that was a baby (and an extreme closeup) (And it’s right here ) and who knows how the color will change? Elizabeth Taylor is supposed to have violet eyes but the few pictures where I can actually tell what the eye color is it looks blue to me (although I suspect my dividing line between purple and blue is a bit on the purple side for other people… if that makes sense…)

So, anyway, anybody know any one with violet eyes? And have pics?

(if anyone is curious, it’s so I can correctly pick an accurate shade for a character of mine. No, she’s not a Mary Sue… I don’t think. And no, I won’t be pointing it out on every page. But I’ve half-decided that it’s why her boyfriend hooked up with her)

I’ve never even heard of violet eyes. That baby pic is cool though, photoshopped or not.

I used to have violet color contacts. Very fun.

Sax Rohmer had this thing about true violet eyes. I never considered that violet eyes existed until I read his books. I have yet too see true violet eyes, but I watch.

This otherwise normal looking high school kid who started in our kickboxing class recently has violet eyes. Not just blue, violet. I thought I was imagining it until I asked a few other people. It must be pretty rare, he’s the only person I’ve ever seen with eyes like his.

If you’re defining “violet” as “a shade of blue that can look purplish in certain lighting or with a creative imagination”, yes, some people/animals do have violet eyes. But nobody has eyes as truly purple as the eye in that baby pic. To me that looks like it’s a normal blue eyed baby who’s been Photoshopped.
If you wanted to make your story character distinctive with a phenomenon that definitely exists, personally I’d go with
heterochromia ( instead. Unless it’s a sci fi/fantasy story, of course. :slight_smile:

According the wikipedia, some albinos have violet eyes (

There used to be a waitress at a restaurant I frequented who had violet eyes. Also dark black hair and pale skin with freckles.

She’s got bluey-violet eyes. (Ignore the white skin) And I’d say her boyfriend’s eye color is more unusual. (I need to to ink and color some more realistic pictures of him. And they’re both mutants - [it’s a comic book, well will be eventually], thus the white skin. I can get into details if you care.)

Really, that baby picture to me looks like a mix of red and blue - which is possible (cite - er, link taken from the wikipedia page gfloyd linked to)

Elizabeth Taylor supposedly has violet-colored eyes. But they look blue to me.

I know an electrician that has silver colored eyes. They look like mercury, like they are liquid, coolest eyes I have ever seen.

WOW! Can you get pictures? Please?!

Actress Meg Foster has silver colored eyes (see photos as bottom of page).

My brother and three of my sons have eyes that appear to change color depending on the colors they’re wearing. In the case of my brother and one of my sons, violet is one of the colors. (Purple Rockies t-shirt will do it. In the case of my son, a kind of dull Dutch blue shirt will also do it.)

Other variations are aqua, navy blue, and green.

Of course I don’t see this in my own eyes, but my husband has asked me if I’m wearing green-tinted contact lenses. However, my variations appear to be more of the aqua/green variety–I’ve never been accused of wearing violet-tinted lenses. (My eyes always look just blue to me, and not even all that blue.)

Pics? My son’s senior picture. Unfortunately I have failed badly at ever posting pix on this or any other board.

My eyes change colors - normally they are a fairly nice grey blue, but when I am very happy and relaxed, they get bluer, if I am in a migraine, they are very grey and if I get seriously angry [as in to the point of violence] I am told they go silver. Obviously the color change is blood flow related, IMHO. Although once I got complimented on my pretty dark eyes. After I had the pupils dialated for an exam sigh

I dated a girl who when wearing the right color shirt, would have purple eyes.
Her eyes mostly ran more towards various shades of blue.

When I lived in Gadsden Al, there was a young girl at the Hardees down the street who had amber yellow eyes.

Um, probably not.

“Hey, I was talking about you on a message board, and someone wondered if I could get some pics so I can post them on the internet? No, you can keep your clothes on, it’s ok.”

Looking at the pics of Meg Foster, his are very similar to the right hand picture, first row, except it’s much more impressive when you are in person, interacting.

Yeeeeeeaaahhh, sorry. I just have a thing about silver.

Supposedly Elizabeth Taylor has violet eyes.

Is it possible that this reflects a regional usage/understanding of “violet?” When I was researching budgie colors, I found references to, and pictures of, birds with “violet” plumage. They all looked blue to me. Deeper blue than birds described as “blue,” but absolutely NOT the purplish shade that I would describe as “violet.” Similarly, I’ve seen pictures of people with “violet” eyes, but the eyes are always a color that I would consider blue.

FWIW, Violet blossoms around here are almost always purple. Is there some geographic region in which Violet blossoms tend to be blue?