Do you know the only thing better than a Mai Tai?

For that little touch of class to the drink, my wife suggests a float of Chambord. Just a dollop. The raspberry sets off the lemonade quite well. After the second one, who cares. :smiley:

Well, I have a pint mixed up of fresh squeezed lime juice, tequila, blue curacao, and agavero and just a touch of salt chilling in the freezer. When KellyM gets home, I will pull two glasses out of the freezer, add a salt rim on them and pour her a frozen blue 'rita.

We had Mai Tai’s earlier this week, and mint julep’s last night, gotta have variety.

A Mint Julep. A Manhattan. A Rusty Nail.

(Mai Tais are better than any of the various gin cococtions foisted on us in the summer heat, but they are not the acme of alcoholic enjoyment.)

Says you.

Pim’s cup. a gin concoction is superior for cool keeping compared to a Mai Tai, or nearly any other drink. 'Ritas are superior for getting me drunk enough to dance. Mai Tais are great for obliterating memory or cares.

/lee dancing

No I don’t think a mojito is a girly drink. Mojito. Ok everybody, say it with my now: Mo-HEE-toe.

Good sex is better! If you haven’t had any in awhile, bad sex might be better too (as long as it’s followed by two Mai Tais).

Upon reading the OP title, I instantly flashed back to the Maui luau I attended a few years ago, where, for ten bucks, you could purchase a hollowed-out pineapple filled with Mai-Tais; you were allowed unlimited refills. Now that, my friends, is far superior to a mere Mai Tai.

A local restaurant has a sign that says Saturdays are Twofer Mai Tais. I’m guessing they’ll have quite a few takers on this hot Saturday afternoon.

Reminds me of the sign outside Mr. Whitekey’s Fly-By Nightclub in Sprnard, Alaska: “Everybody else does two-fers. We do three-fers! Just what sophisticated young Anchorage needs: a cheap drunk in the afternoon.”

I’ll see yer mai tais and raise ya the house to myself, a coupla six packs, a few bottles, and a bucha friends commin’ in about a half an hour.