Do you know: "The Secret"?

I’ve read it, have you? The DVD perhaps? Seen it? Now newsweek is touting this latest self-help book, as:

Here is the link to the article.

It is a fascinating book with a truly brilliant premise. You want to change something about you? If you think you can, you can.

Gross oversimplification but the book demonstrates otherwise. I must admit my skeptical self was unimpressed when I saw it on my wife’s dresser…However, when she was finished with it she was completely awestruck. Well I decided to give it a go and read it, then watch the DVD and I must admit I liked it. AND to my surprise the things I am using from the book are actually working. cool.

So dopers, do YOU know the secret?

Judging by that link, “the secret” is to make yourself look like a third-rate porn actress.

Yes. Victoria’s a bit of a slut. Also, there’s a sucker born every day.

Ok…So what…she looks a little. Uhhh…different. looks aren’t everything.

Og I hate that cliche.

Poor people are poor beause they want to be, right? Is that along the same idea?

lissener and others had some strong opinions.

And yeah, not only is the concept not new, but it can be pretty damned contemptuous of those who do honestly have bad events happen to them.

Ouch! I dunno it was entertaining, I liked it. Then again, I liked What the bleep too.

I dunno I’m an educated guy…I don’t think I was duped, it’s a little hokey but so what…either choose to read it or not. And apparently being the fastest selling book in publishing history…Others like it too.

I think I’ve read another book with a similar premise- The Little Engine That Could.

I’ve heard the “visualize yourself succeeding” mantra about a million times from a million different places. This is supposed to be unique?