Do you lick envelopes?

Wait, what?

It’s highly unlikely that your envelope will have any live germs or bacteria on it - if it’s fresh out of the box or enclosed in a mailing from a business it’s probably never even been touched by human hands. But it’s almost a certainty that your finger will have all kinds of microorganisms residing on it.

I marked the I lick return enveleopes, but I can’t remember when one did not have the peel and stick seal.

Same for birthday cards.

Stamps are also self-adhesive, so no licking there either.

Despite being unable to recall when I last had to do such a thing, I ticked ‘lick’.

Most DM or plastic wrapped birthday cards containing envelopes are fulfilled by machine these days - as my sister would say ‘untouched by human hands and feet’.

Bill printing and stuffing machines are used to print and stuff envelopes without any human interaction. If you get a bill in the mail with a return envelope inside, it may not be absolutely sterile, but the possibility of it containing dangerous germs is almost nil.

Lick away.

But then I’ve never gotten a paper cut on my tongue from licking my fingers.

Considering some of the places my tongue has been, return envelopes are the least of my concerns. :wink:

I lick the envelope, the paper, the stamp, and the mailman.

Yeah, I don’t remember the last time I licked an envelope someone sent me. But that’s because of the internet, not because I’m worried about catching something from a new, untouched envelope.

I never lick the adhesive on any envelopes I send out; I don’t want the authorities getting my DNA.

I also wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, and purchase envelopes in a different city, paying cash and wearing noseglasses. You can’t be too careful.

I can’t remember the last time I had to use a return envelope, but I luck an envelope if required.

I pay bills online, but in the rare instance where I need to use an envelope, I tape it shut.

I lick all kinds of things more organic, shall we say, than an envelope. I probably lick five envelopes a week between business correspondence and bills.

This! :slight_smile:

I use my sweaty brow since I live in South Georgia. OK, in reality, I usually just lick them. Maybe an average of slightly higher than one per month.

Does anyone else remember elementary school valentines with flavored glue on the envelopes?

I’m electronic.

However, back when I was doing bulk mailings at work, I used an artificial tongue.

I wet something instead of licking because I got a papercut on my tongue as a teenager. Never again.

Maybe you’ve learned things since then. Like acute vs obtuse angles?
Don’t live scared. :slight_smile:

My wife pays the bills. I lick her tongue, and she licks the envelopes. It works for us, and I very much look forward to the 30th of the month.

When we do the Christmas cards I use a wet rag.

Sealed with a Kiss,

I lick my monitor every time I pay a bill.