Am I the only Doper who doesn't lick stamps or envelopes?

Ever since I cut my tongue twice on an envelope, I have taken to moistening the envelope manually, if you will, with a bit of moist paper towel. Naturally, this habit followed with stamps as well.

Anyone else do the same thing?

I still lick envelopes. I haven’t bought a lickable stamp in a very long time. I always get the self-adhesive type.

I cut my tongue on an evelope before I realised that I so lick up, not across. But I prefer to wet my fingertip and slide it across.

I have a 40 year old Lepage’s glue bottle I use. The top is rubber with a slit for the glue to pass through. I remember my grandmother using it when I was a kid, my mom got it when Grandma died and I got it when Mom died. All it takes is a couple of dabs on the adhesive, spread the water around and seal the envelope. The rubber tip is starting to dry out a bit and I have no idea where I would find another one.

Like this?

When I had my own company, my partner and I did several mass mailings of both prospectuses (looks weird to me, but Word’s spell checker endorses it) and Xmas cards. We used a sponge curled up in a plastic container filled with water.

For the little stuff I still do, I lick 'em.

I wet my fingers and dab the envelopes. As far as stamps: self-adhesive.

They also make a pen-type thingy with a sponge tip. The barrel is filled with water, and away you go.

I usually buy the self-adhesive envelopes and stamps - but when I don’t have one, I lick them.

…what Khadaji said. If for some inexplicable reason I need to mail something from the office (no self-adhesive envelopes here), I give it to my secretary unsealed. She has one of those sponges-topped water thingies on her desk for sealing envelopes and moistening stamps.

I’m not sure it’s even possible to get non-sticker stamps in the Netherlands anymore. Maybe some special editions but the over-the-counter ones have been self-adhesive for a couple of years.

Envelope licking hasn’t been the same since they started using ‘friendlier’ non-yummy glue.

I’ve got a glue stick that I bought at an office supply store. It’s in a lipstick-like container that you twist at the bottom to advance the glue. You glide the gluestick over the adhesive and then seal the envelope. No muss, no fuss. HTH

I lick 'em. I like the taste.

(Do they still make those fancy envelope moisteners? It’s like a ceramic cylinder over a water reservoir. You’d glide the envelope over the cylinder and as it rotated the water clinging to it would moisten the glue. SWANK!)

don’t lick 'em. that is how “they” get your dna. i use the sponge bottle thing and bottled water.

Self adhesive stamps, and I tape envelopes shut, or use one of the aforementioned sponge pen thingies. I refuse to lick either, it just squicks me out big time.

yes, voguevixen, they still make the ceramic ones. a word of caution… empty out the water every time you are done with it. otherwise it is one of the most vile things you will ever see.

If I’m at work, there’s usually 20+ envelopes to seal, so I don’t lick. I use the little plastic moistening bottle. I didn’t know those existed until I worked there. I also didn’t know about those nifty razor blade letter-opening things. I want those things for my graduation presents.

One day last week, I couldn’t find the bottle and had to lick 27 envelopes shut. Yecch. I don’t think I’ll be licking another envelope any time soon.

I wet a cotton ball. If I’m out in public away from cotton balls or napkins and water of any kind, I lick it, but I’m not happy about it.

I use a sponge or paper towel dipped in water. Self-adhesive stamps or a postage machine (at work).

If it’s only 1 or 2 envelopes, I lick (despite reading this. I know it’s an urban legend, but…EEEEEEWWWWW) ::shiver, shiver::

I don’t lick as I don’t want my DNA left on it :slight_smile: