Do you like car chases and kick boxing in movies?

Those are two things that make me wish for my fastforward button, which I do use on DVD’s.
The only good car chase was the one in Blues Brothers, played for laughs by crashing hundreds of cop cars in huge piles.
And kickboxing is the modern version of the western saloon brawl, where you can duck out for popcorn without missing anything.

Have you seen The French Connection?

Now THAT was a car chase!

Kickboxing is okay, but I prefer a good ol’ fistfight a laThe Quiet Man as opposed to a martial arts-style fight in a non-martial arts movie.

You beat me to it NoClueBoy. The French Connection was just on tonight. Good movie - and a great chase scene.

My favorite of all the car chases I can remember is the one in Jade, just after Angie Everhart gets ground into the pavement. Normally car chases bore me, but I liked that one.

Kickboxing? I’ll pay extra for martial arts in a movie, provide it doesn’t suck and doesn’t involve Jean Claude Van Damme. (exception: No Retreat, No Surrender. The first one. Where the kid trains under the tutelage of Bruce Lee’s ghost to fight the Russian (played by JCVD). I know the movie sucks amazingly, but I liked it for some inexplicable reason).

Blues Brothers is a great movie. But, one of the few movies that I don’t mind the car chase (since the whole movie IS the car chase) is Smokey and The Bandit.

I hate both.

The martial arts stuff is neat to watch, but only if done realistically. No one can withstand the sheer number of blows taken in most screen fights.

Watching Jackie Chan in anything is a treat for me.

I would love have a DVD or tape of nothing but the outtakes they show at the end of his movies.

Do you like car chases and kick boxing? And getting caught in the rain?

To paraphrase Quentin Tarantino, car chases and kickboxing are some of the things you can do in a movie, just like tap dancing.

A well-done car chase is a joy to behold, as in Ronin (twice, in fact). And there’s a brief kickboxing scene in Gross Pointe Blank that sells the movie, for me (if only because it takes place during a comedy, and is underscored by the English Beat).

I love a good fight scene (though not necessarily a kick-boxing scene). I don’t mind a car chase. They have to be well done, though, and their occurrence has to be at least be somewhat justified.

I saw something like that at Hollywood Video the other day. It was a video of nothing but fight scenes from various martial arts flicks. Although this wasn’t a collection of just Jackie Chan footage, I’m pretty sure he was in it (as was Bruce Lee, I think).

Not sure if this would be your kind of thing or not, but your post reminded me of the video.

Mephisto, you’re talking about The Deadliest Art, one of my all-time favorite videos. A friend and I rented it so much back when I was in college that he bought it (and it wasn’t priced for sell-through at the time) because it would be cheaper than the rental fees!

I hate kick-boxing. That’s why none of my 100+ martial arts movies fearture kick-boxing; just kung-fu, karate, tae kwon do, wire fu, and martial arts gymnastics. But no kick-boxing.

Car chases and martial arts are entertaining when done well, and not so much when done poorly, just like every other part of movie making.