Do you like coffee creams? Why are they so unpopular?

So I was eating a bag of Revels* and offered one to a work colleague. “Hmm… as long as I don’t get a coffee one!” she says. A quick straw poll revealed that nobody liked the coffee creams. They are always the ones left behind in a box of chocolates. Now this is great for me - I love coffee creams. Scavenging through neglected boxes of chocs at Christmas usually results in a haul of neglected coffee centres.

Coffee is a popular flavour, as the worldwide dominance of Starbucks testifies. So why does everybody hate coffee creams?

  • chocolates with assorted centres: caramel, solid chocolate, Malteser, orange, coffee and raisin. In a bag. Formerly included peanuts in place of raisin, and thus source of much “Revel Roulette”-based fun for allergy sufferers.

I don’t like real coffee either, but coffee flavored candy has a really unpleasant after-taste, so you taste it for quite a while after you took a bite into that evil, realized what it was, and spit it out.

I love coffee creams, but I agree that very few do. The strange thing is, I really don’t like coffee much.

I like coffee, but I can’t stand coffee-flavored anything. To me, coffee is meant to be hot, liquid, and bitter, with just enough sugar added to make it palatable (about one spoon/packet per cup). That eliminates coffee creams, coffee-flavored ice cream, and even iced coffee. The occassional vanilla cappucino or espresso is pretty good, though.

Send All Unwanted Coffee Creams To Me - I Love 'em!!!


Homer moment Mmmm… Coffee flavoured things… I love coffee flavoured things rather than coffee. I LOVE coffee ice cream especially. Does anyone know the name of this coffee flavoured hard sweet? It’s rectangular and brown and… oooh well I ate some but I didn’t catch the name of it… It’s in this black wrapper and they’re about 2.5cmx1.5cm in size.

And you can send all unwanted Coffee Creams to me, too.

I love coffee-flavored things, especially coffee ice cream. I’m not particularly fond of Starbucks (in Southern California, we have a chain of coffee shops known as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, that I prefer to go to), but Starbucks Ice Cream? I can eat a whole quart in a sitting if left to my own devices.

I love coffee creams, but then again I also love finely-ground coffee beans sprinkled generously over vanilla ice cream, which seems to give some people pause.

I’ll take some unwanted coffee creams, too.

Love coffee creams, their among my top favourites to get in the mixed chocolates. (Now the orange and strawberry creames on the other hand…)

I think I know what you’re talking about, but I haven’t seen them in years since we used to buy them at the gas station across from school. Sorry.