Do you like lumpy mashed potatoes?

I know, I know…I find it hard to believe there are people in this world who don’t like them lumpy, too…but they do exist. My dad was one of them.

I, however, am not.

No lumps for me. But I don’t like my mash overmashed so that it’s too runny. Yeah, I am fussy.

Use the whole potato, skin and all, and mash it as little as possible for it to count as “mashed potatoes”, please.

^^ Yeah, what Snowboarder Bo said, and lumpy gravy, too!

I tend to like it on the lumpier side, rather than the textureless, completely creamed side. I grew up with mashed potatoes that had nothing but salt, pepper, and a little bit of butter in them, and that’s how I like them now. My folks would peel them, but when I make them for myself, I keep the skins on. Every once in awhile, I’ll go for the decadent, whipped-up version with cream and horseradish and whatnot, but that’s not what I want 95% of the time. Just give me potatoes that taste and feel like potatoes. ETA: I voted wrong, going for the second option, but the last one is most accurate to my tastes.

I know two people I’m going to invite to all of my future dinners.

^^ Gimme a couple days notice and I’ll be bringing the banana pudding.


Another vote for lumpy potatoes here. Skin too.

I prefer them as smooth as possible. I dislike texture variations in my food in general, in fact.

I love it both ways about equally. Smooth is good. Lumpy is good.

(Ditto for peanut butter. All varieties are fine.)

(Ditto for mushroom soup: with, or without, chunks of mushroom evident. I’ve had it both ways, and love it!)

(Aw, heck, just feed me, okay?)

When I didn’t make them, I want enough lumps to be able to feel assured that they’re not instant.

When I did make them, they’ve got plenty of lumps, because after the mashing, I whip them with a wire whisk. No way am I going to achieve electric-mixer smoothness with a wire whisk.

To me, what you’re describing are smashed potatoes. I like smashed potatoes lumpy, with skins. I like mashed potatoes smooth.

They’re both good, but I like the solid pieces of potato that might have flavoring on the outside, but on the inside they’re just delicious steamy potato.

As a side dish, mashed potatoes are nice. If the potato is the whole dish, with cheese and whatnot, having lumps is a nice feature.

OK. I like no lumps, but I like skin. Go figure.

Any and all permutations according to whim. Silky mash, lumpy broken potato kind of mash, mashed with skins and all. Many possible additions: garlic, cheese, sweet potato, pumpkin. bacon pieces, onion, chili. I also like to mandolin some fresh raw zucchini (courgette) or chuck in a handful of mixed salad greens at serving and stir them through.

I didn’t read all the way down to the last option. I like the skin in the mix. Move one vote from somewhat lumpy to lumpy with skin.

That’s probably a good assessment of my feelings. In fact, when it comes to mashed potatoes, I’m perfectly fine with instant. No lumps to even think about. As I like to say, if you want lumpy food, go to Cracker Barrel.

I’m not that picky, either or. I don’t see how texture effects flavor but no matter how it’s made, with a little butter n salt it all tastes the same to me.

I grew up with lumps. It the way to be sure the potatoes are real and not instant (or those horrible ones in a frozen dinner).

I’m also a fan of Lumpy Gravy

Hmmm… it sure seems like I said “for it to count as mashed potatoes”; did I not say that?