Do you pee in the shower?

No, never. Why would I - the toilet is one foot from the shower, and though being a woman I actually can’t reach it from the shower, it’s not like it’s in a different building or something.

The water from the shower goes into the same drain pipe as the toilet. Not surprising.

Yeah, it keeps your feet warm when the water turns cold.

“Daddy, this place smells like tinkle.”

Sure, I let fly with a good whiz while showering. And, like PLD, I shave in the shower, too, without a mirror. I also graph algorithms and smash atoms while bathing, too.

That’s why is sucks when your shower drain backs up. Peeing down the shower drain is one thing. Soaking in it is another.

Yeah but you either have to dry off first or get the toilet all wet, and then dry the toilet. I mean the shower drain and the toilet flush all end up in the same place…

I usually pee before I shower, and I never pee in the shower. Now, masturbating in the shower is another issue entirely…

Hey, I don’t think we wanted to go there… Ah, who’m I kidding… of course we did!!!

I peed in the shower once. This was due to the fact that I heard quite a few jokes about how uptight people were people that got out of the shower to pee. So one time I really had to go and let it rip. I just ended up feeling vaguely dirty so I never did it again, and I probably never will.

Most of the people on this thread admit they do. I wonder if it’s because most people pee in the shower, or because of the fact that people who don’t just ignored this thread entirely.

I’d also like to say that I am not a neat freak in any sense. I just don’t pee in the shower. Please don’t ostracize me.

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