Do you pee in the shower?

Years ago, my mother, sister and I were talking about - of all things - peeing in the shower. We all did. My Dad overheard us and thought we were all absolutely disgusting. What do you think? Is it just a female thing? Do men do it too? Or are the women in my family absolutely disgusting?

Surprising…I would have thought this was an exclusively male activity.

Not that I, uh, urm, ah…

Doesn’t everybody?

How you can you not? That running water sound makes me have to go every time…Anyhow, I thought it was more acceptable after Madonna admitted to it on Letterman few years back…

of course… but don’t tell my housemates

I can honestly say I’ve never peed in the shower. I have peed from the shower into the toilet(well most of it went into the toilet)

I will go with Duke’s answer. :wink:

Oddly enough, this very topic arose a few months ago in a thread entitled, aptly enough, Peeing in the shower. Anyone interested can take a look and find out, all at once, how their favorite Dopers feel on the subject.

Oh, it wound up in the Pit for some reason, too. I’m reall not sure why, unless slythe objected to JimmyNipples’ gratuitous quip that

If that’s the case, I guess this thread is headed there, too.

I used to pee in the shower, but I don’t anymore. (I was showering with someone for about three years, and I just got out of the habit, I guess.) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, though.

I have heard that if a guy has athlete’s foot and pees on his feet while showring, it will clear up.

Guys, how 'bout it?

I’m sooo sure I’m admitting to this, but, yes Virginia, I pee in the shower. . . While I’m brushing my teeth! :smiley: It seems more efficient to me. I kill three birds with one stone and don’t have to move around much in the morning.

When company joins me in the shower, I refrain.

As for the athlete’s foot theory, I can verify this. A non-athlete, the only time I’ve had AF has been in college, from those nasty dorm showers. Something about the ammonia in urine works like bleach on the fungus that causes AF – kills AF dead.


Do I pee in the shower?

Only when the sink is being used.

hmmm… I’ll have to try this out. wonder if it’ll get rid of dandruff too? oh and I do it too.

I pee in the shower. I shave in the shower, too, sans mirror. My wife finds my peeing in the shower abhorrent, and claims she never does it.

I used to do it a lot, but since I met my husband I have cut down on htat. Somewhere in my mind I think he will somehow hear the extra stream of liquid while shaving at the sink. It is weird.

I pee before my shower, when I let the water run for a second the sounds stimulates that urge, and the time it takes to pee is exactly the time it takes for the shower to warm up. Works nicely. That said I don’t find pissing in the shower especially gross, as long as you aim where the water is running, pissing straight ahead into your soap dish probably isn’t a great idea. Oh, and I flush after the shower, just so you know ;).

That’s not even a question!

In the ORIGINAL peeing in the shower thread, I believe it was Mullinator who said he poos in the shower and squishes it through the grate with his toes.

That nearly made me pee in my chair.


That’s a hell of a shower. The water bills must have killed you. :slight_smile:

Uhh, no. Don’t know anybody who does (or admits to it), either. This seems a little gross.

That’s it. i’m outta here.