Do you piss in the shower?

Simple question.

I do and was shocked to find that there are some people who will get out of the shower to piss in the toilet.


Of course I take a leak in the shower, I mean, you’re just going to wash it off you anyways.

I can’t believe that people get out of the shower to piss in the toilet, it’s completely pointless!

I do… it’s a habit I picked up from being on the soccer team. I allow myself to think that the acidity somehow helps to clean out the scum in the stall. If that’s not true, don’t tell me otherwise!

Honestly, no, I don’t. I have it in my head somehow that it is inconsiderate and gross, the more I think about this, however, the less sense it makes, but I still get out of the shower to piss in the toilet, out of habit.

2 notable exceptions:

  1. my current dorm room is in an off-campus establishment that used to be a hotel, meaning the room has its own private bathroom, laid out just like a hotel bathroom. The toilet, thusly, is just in front of the shower on one end, opposite the faucet. At school, I frequently piss in the toilet without having to get out of the shower. Frankly, this is just plain fun, pissing into the toilet from in the shower, and I’d do it even if I were the tyoe to piss in the shower. (WARNING: Do not attempt this if you do not have a penis!)

  2. When I had athelete’s foot a few months ago, many friends independently told me that pissing on it makes it go away. Evidently this is common knowledge amongst the fungus-prone, so I gave it a shot. I found it frankly dangerous, standing on one foot in a running shower, leaning on the wall with one hand and with the other hand orienting my foot so that the sole faced up and aiming properly so as to hit the affected area… an awful lot of work. Plus, it didn’t seem to help. I wound up filing it under hiccup cures; holding your breath while being tickled, drinking from the wrong side of the glass, pissing on your foot…

Oddly enough, I have no qualms about pissing underwater in a public pool.
I think I’ll end on that note.

flup like a racehorse

Thanks flup, I was just about to head to the bathroom and you spoil my fun :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I saved you a mess.
These are tips you won’t even see on Martha Stewart.

–flup’s Living

I say it’s all OK as long as you…

“Don’t piss in the subway, darling… don’t crap in the pouring rain…”

…and the water is so piping hot, the water is so piping hot, it’s beating on my neck and I’m pissing on myself…standing in the shower thinking…

No, I never have, but I’m a girl. I always thought it was a boy thing. My son pees in the shower every time. He’s only 4 years old though. I just think of it as “target practice.”:smiley:

Sure, if I’m in there and I gotta go, I go. I figure it’s going down into the same sewer as if I went in the toilet, and it’s getting washed off while I’m going.

My ex-boyfriend did… which was a big big big problem when we took a shower together…

I’m not with him anymore, wonder why??? :rolleyes:

Sure, why not? Urine is sterile isn’t it?


I do whenever I’m using my own shower or a hotel one, but if I’m at a friend or girlfriend’s place and showering there, I go before I get in the shower if need be. It just seems a bit more courteous to me.

Kinda like rubbing your ass on the carpet. Sure, it’s okay to do it at your place, but some people just don’t appreciate it.

I don’t, but I’ll readily admit it’s because my shower drain can’t keep up with the amount of water from the shower. Effectively, I’d be standing in my own urine, which is a tad rich for my taste.

Oh, and piss off to IMHO. :wink:

Sure, why not? I find the toilet boring and predictable and I would like to expand the number of places where I micturate.

I do, but not when I’m sharing the shower with friend(s) :wink:

The shower, the sink, public swimming pools- it’s all good!

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Ewww. That’s gross.

You’re only in the shower for, what, seven minutes or so? I either go before I get in the shower or wait until I get out.

Honey, urine’s only sterile when it’s in the bladder, by the way.

no, i keep my excretory and sanitation functions seperate. :smiley: