Do You Power Off Your Cell Phone At Night?

My SO and I both fully power-off our cell phones when we go to bed, plug them in early in the morning for a half hour charge and then turn them back on.

We feel no need to have our phones on 24/7 - and any call that comes in the middle of the night is not something we need to know in the middle of the night. Once we turn the phone on, we can read messages, or listen to voice mail to see if we missed anything while we were sleeping. We never get a wrong number at 3:00 AM, and never get any drunk or sober friends calling from some foreign country who can’t figure out the time difference and wonder why we are groggy.

Now I am aware some people have reasons for keeping their phones on 24/7 - maybe you are a doctor or on-call at work, or perhaps you have teenage kids who might be out late and need to reach you for help, or a sick mother/father…lots of reasons to keep the phone on, “Just in case”. Maybe it is as simple as you use your cell phone for an alarm to wake you up?

Do you keep your cell phones powered up 24/7 or do you shut it off/completely power-off, at night?

Leave it on w/ sound off, because fuck it, why not.

I have the sleep mode on so I don’t hear the incoming email beep or text messages. But yeah, I sleep with it next to me, plugged in and charging. You never know when there’s going to be an emergency, and yes, I have had it ring in the middle of the night with emergencies that, had I not responded, could have turned out very, very bad.

Alarm clock for me.

Also, emergencies can happen, even in the middle of the night. And I don’t get wrong numbers. I mean, who even dials these days? Drunk people just call people on their contact list, and I don’t have any drunk friends.

My phone is off by default. I only turn it on when I’m making or expecting a call.

Mine is always on. It’s probably three years old, and a full charge still lasts for close to a week.

I don’t have any reason for ever turning mine off (apart from take-offs and landings on an airplane). Why bother?

I power off my cellphone in airplanes and hospitals when necessary. I don’t power it off at night anymore because I use it as an alarm clock. I occasionally power it off simply because I don’t want to be interrupted for a period of time if I’m busy with something.

It’s my watch

I do switch it off if I expect to get a call that I do not want to take; for example, if I know my boss is going to call me and want me to go back to work for no additional pay and with nothing really to do, because he doesn’t understand such concepts as “we can’t go on until this person responds, and he’s not going to respond before tomorrow”.

I have mine by the bed, charging but on, all night. I have elderly parents in another state and need to be able to be contacted. However, I do put it on airplane mode while I’m working through the day. I have a company phone on me at work and personal cells aren’t allowed past security. The airplane mode is for conservation of the battery.

I leave mine on because you just never know. I sleep erratically anyway so I could be awake at any time. But it sucks because psycho ex will call me any time of day or night. There’s no time I am ever surprised to hear my phone ring. I used to sometimes get calls from other people at all hours of the night too, but now the rest of us have grown the hell up.

It’s my alarm clock so yes, it’s on all night.

Two phones on 24/7 except on planes- one for work, where I’m on call 2/7 and the other because of potential kid/parent emergencies ( and it could be either my kid or my parent who drank too much and needs a ride home)

I have mine powered up 24/7. Right now my husband is in the ICU following emergency brain surgery, and my cell number is the contact number the ICU staff have for me, so it’s by my side at all times. (He’s going to be fine, thank goodness).

During normal times I use it as my alarm clock. I haven’t had a problem with late-night texts, and the soft “bong” sound for email alerts doesn’t wake me up.

Whenever I’ve had a phone call late at night it’s been worth it. I don’t think it’s ever been just no reason at all. I also just don’t really mind waking up. So I leave my phone on, just in case.

I haven’t even touched a cell phone in over a month. Had it with me for a short trip in late June. Didn’t use it.

On all the time.

It’s my alarm clock, but I think even if I turn it off it would come on for the alarm.
I have friends who work nights and they might want to call and chat.
If I’m really tired I’ll turn the ringer off, if not, it’s no big deal if they wake me up.

I’m one of those people who has no use for the damn things, but have one for any emergency that may arise. I only turn it on if I’m driving alone, and the only person who has the number is my wife.

It is powered on (in a different room) but on “do not disturb” between 11pm and 7am, which means it will only ring if I get a call from someone in my favorites list.

Mine is off unless I either want to phone someone or when I forward my land-line to it because of a rare (very rare) circumstance where it would be useful to be reachable when I am out. In mose cases voice-mail is quite satisfactory for reaching me in an emergency (the emergency will either still be there or be resolved without me when I get back and check for messages).

People’s concerns about always being reachable in case of an emergency strike me as odd for the most part; we went many decades with phones attached to walls and people coped just fine. For a long time answering machines weren’t even common for home use!

This, except mine is charging on my nightstand and I use it as an alarm clock. Never have been disturbed by it in the middle of the night. Smartphones are awesome.