Do you sleep with your phone?

Now now, get your mind out of the gutter, this is the SDMB, not one of those types of websites.

As a spin-off from the alarm clock thread, I thought I’d see how I unique I am since I not only always have my iPhone in bed, I also have my iPad in bed with me and I’m using one or both devices until I fall asleep

I’m single, as you may have guessed! If I do have a FWB in bed with me overnight, the iPad usually goes on a nightstand but I’ll always have the phone next to me once it’s time for sleep after any other bedroom activities have concluded.

If I wake up at night, I tend to take a quick scan of the phone for any text messages and breaking news.

Mobile phone threads are always fun on the SDMB, so I’ll post a poll as well.

I keep my phone on the opposite side of the house from where I sleep.

Nah, man, we don’t have that kind of relationship. When it’s time to turn in, I return my phone to its native plastic so it can rest.

With my eyesight, it’s impossible for me to use my phone without putting my glasses on. As that would require me to first remove my CPAP mask, my phone is off limits after I decide to go to bed.

My jumbo iPad is sometimes at my bedside but not often enough to matter.

I keep my phone next to my bed as an alarm clock for the morning. And my mothers Bay alarm medical alert button has it’s number. I gotta keep the phone close even though I live 100 miles away. I’m never not in the same room as my phone, though I rarely use it as a phone.

I didn’t vote, as my choice was not listed. I charge the phone next to my bed, but the ringer is off. I don’t look at the phone during the night. I live alone and want to have a means of communication handy in case I need it. I don’t consider myself crazy for doing that.

I did used to look at the phone during the night when my mother was alive and in the nursing home, and when my good friend was still alive–he had multiple medical emergencies. I wasn’t crazy then either.

I also charge my kindle next to the bed. I play a sleep meditation on it as I’m falling asleep. It’a an amazon app by Andrew Johnson (not to be confused with the president who took over from Lincoln). He has a wonderful Scottish accent. It’s like being verbally escorted to dreamland by Sean Connery.

I listen to podcasts or audiobooks when I’m drifting off to sleep; my Amazon Fire tablet is perched on a pillow next to me. It’s easier to hear there compared to having the tablet on my nightstand. Plus it’s right there to grab and check The Dope in the wee hours when my old pal insomia pays a visit.

my phone is on the charger in the living room unless I am on call, then it is on my nightstand.

No, my phone is in the kitchen. It is there 99% of the time that I am at home.

Now that I have read that I may change my answer. I live alone too and hadn’t thought about lying in bed not able to get to the phone. I just put it in the same spot every day by habit really.

In the bed? No.
Charging on the nightstand with a wake up alarm set, yes.

In bed, right next my pillow.

My tablet goes on the nightstand (where it acts as my alarm) but I don’t have it actually in bed with me as I sleep.

Same here. The only use I have during the night is if I wake up and want to know the time(no clock in the room).

Phone on the nightstand, sometimes charging. I’m not sure how to vote-- it’s always next to my bed, but never physically in my bed.

I voted no, but in the broadest possible sense I guess a TV remote could count as an “electronic device”.

Well, I usually have mine on the nightstand. I will often drift off to sleep listening to a podcast as well.

Same here. I have a radio alarm clock to wake me in the morning, plus a landline phone on the nightstand. I don’t need the smart phone too.

I keep my phone next to me… for the purpose of playing music that helps me sleep. I don’t read any messages or texts until morning.

I once left the phone in the Jeep for about 3 weeks.

Never missed it.