Do you put up pictures of yourself in your home?

Personally, I don’t. I know what I look like and would rather look at artwork. I do have one picture of my niece and I dressed up as flappers in one of those old-style pictures, but that’s it. I suppose I don’t have a lot of pictures of ANYBODY up and around, but the ones I do are of my niece and nephew, friends’ children, other releatives, etc.

So - do you put pictures of yourself up around the house, and if so, why?

I’m usually the one behind the camera. I have one picture of my big bro and I at the Cardinals game up in a collage frame. And one of my best friend and I with our friend from Tennessee. But that’s it. I do have tons of pcitures of my friends on my wall because I miss them. But I’m not particularly photogenic so I do all the picture taking.

I have a picture of myself on my desk at work. I had to put something there, and since I’m not married, I was the natural choice.

Pictures of me are rare. I actually don’t have many people-pics on my walls here, nor certificates or awards (I have 'em, they’re just not on display). I guess I’d rather just see other stuff.

We have one framed photo of us at our wedding on display. That’s the only picture we own that isn’t in a box or an album. There isn’t a rule about it or anything, that’s just how it worked out. I’ve never seen a picture of myself that was so good I’d hang it up, and my wife and I have never had our portraits taken. I don’t suspect we will, either.

Nothing recent! I mean, why would I care? But I have a picture of myself during my heydey in dance, when I was Krishna, and eventually hope to have a baby pic of myself because I was a cuuuuuuute baby!

Not me alone, for sure. But I do have a couple of family photos that I like, and I happen to be in them.

There is a picture of the wife and I above the computer, but that’s about it.

Spoonette and I have very few photos of ourselves together. We do have a photo of an awkward-looking guy and a shy (but very pretty IMHO) girl taken on one of their first dates in our files. But for the most part, photos of the two of us are limited to the one my Dad has on his mantlepiece: Spoonette and I looking out the chapel window at our wedding.

We do have other “solo” photos–Spoonette in a flowing summer dress is on my desk, and a photo of me playing my flute to her on a hill in California sits on hers. But that’s about it.

I don’t care what anybody says. Spoonette still, to me, looks the same as she did the day I met her, over ten years ago. A very pretty young lady, and I continue to be amazed that she would want such an old fart as me. No accounting for taste, I suppose.

Thank you, my dear Spoonette.

Just ones that have me and other family members (son, hubby/wedding pics, etc)–none of me alone.

Reminds me…one of the most bizarre people I’ve ever known was this strange creature in college. She came from a very well-off family (they bought her a brand new Acura with the license plate “1PRINCESS”; she totalled it; they got her a new one), wore very expensive clothes, insanely excessive amounts of make up, and had ZERO social skills. Bragging about her money, car, clothes, etc. seemed to be the only way she knew how to attempt to connect to people.

What does this has to do with the OP? I’ll never forget her dorm room (her unfortunate roomie was a friend of mine). Her side of the dorm room had 6–I counted them, SIX–portraits of JUST HER, including something like 2-4 8x10s. These were cheesy Glamour Shots-type pics. In fact, the ONLY pictures she had up were of HER. NONE of them had other people in them!

Weird, weird people. Fascinating.

I used to date a guy (this was a LONG time ago) - he lived with his parents and in every room of there house was a portrait of him, at least 10x12.

He had about 5 in his bedroom, including one that was 18X24 right by his bed. I guess so he could lie in bed and fantasize about…himself?!?!

Yes, in case you were wondering, he was an only child.

I have lots of pictures of myself but all with other people…my friends and I going to prom, my family and I after I graduated from college, me and my friends dancing with these guys in vegas, etc. I have my associates and my bachelors degrees hanging on the wall as well. I am proud of myself and the life that I have lived so I dont feel that I need to hide it but I certianly don’t feel the need to get pictures of just myself taken so I can hang them up in my own apartment either.

I have a few of them one one wall. It’s the one right behind Mrs. Small’s desk, and she put them there. In our dining room, there is a large framed picture (large as in “size-of-sheet-of-paper”) of me when I was 6 months old. There is also one of my senior pictures from high school. It is just a nice picture to cover up a crack in the paint…heh…

On my wall, behind my desk, there are pictures of all kinds of people. None of me though.

Better. I have a 4x6’ commissioned painting, framed with turquoise-studded gold featured prominently in the atrium. I make sure Albert dusts it at least twice daily.

Of myself?

With a quick look around, I see exactly one picture that has me in it, and it just so happens I am sitting on Santa’s knee with my son on my knee (he freaked out this year, refused to sit on Santa’s lap alone so we both got our picture taken… and, as per usual, it’s a really bad picture of me). Mom used to have pictures of my brother and myself on the walls, but not anymore.

I’ve got several pictures of my son, some of my cousins (and my son) and one picture I stook that I thought turned out really well of a lake somewhere in Kananaskis (I had another picture of somewhere else out there, but that was replaced by the cousins picture).

If I really want to see pictures of myself I open that folder on my computer or go through my photo box and photo albums, but even then I have more of my son or scenery than of me.

Only a 4X6’? That seems sort of small - how on earth did the artist fit your ego in there?

I have the statues in the gardens as well of course.

On the dresser in our bedroom are 10 framed pictures of Drachillix and I onboard the cruise ship on formal night, under the gazebo at our wedding, at the various christmas parties, feeding the seals in Morro Bay, posing with the gondola guy at The Ventian in Las Vegas. All in metallic frames of various sizes. Very few people have seen this display and there are no photos in any of the other rooms of us. The walls of the living room are covered in maps of Middle Earth. Framed.
The pictures of us in the bedroom are reminders of us, him and me, together, doing the things we like. Those seals in Morro Bay are a riot!

We just moved, and there are currently three pictures on the mantle. One is our niece’s senior picture. One is a formal portrait of the two of us. The other one is a picture of me and two friends. Mr. Stuff and I both LOVE that picture – all three of the people in it look natural and happy. It’s just one of those great shots. It was taken by a random waitress in Baltimore.

There are various nieces and nephews and friends’ kids on the fridge.

I mostly have paintings up, but there are several photos of my daughter around the house, and one of the two of us.

Now that I think about it, I have a picture at work of myself with a friend, but it’s under my blotter, not really “displayed”, unlike the pictures of my daughter and my nieces and nephew.