Do you remember the kid you swapped chewed gum with?

What do you remember about him/her? Or that time in your life?

Thankfully, I’ve never done that. Ewwww.


Shrug. It’s not that gross, no more so than kissing, and I assume most people have done that. I don’t remember actually ever having done it myself, though.

Never did it as a kid, and was mildly grossed-out when a boyfriend took my gum from me. Too close to mama bird regurgitation for me.

Never did that, I remember the first person I swapped spit with though.

Yes. Yes it is. That is disgusting.

I remember doing it with a friend, but can’t remember who. Or why!

I don’t think I’ve ever tried ABC Gum.

I’d say it closer to drinking a cup full of someone else’s spit as it is to kissing them.

Or sucking on their toothbrush.

I used to do it with my boyfriends and gum but never anyone when I was a ‘kid.’


As a kid I would have found it totally disgusting.

I was a lot more scrupulous then than I am now about germs.

Never did it. I would have thought ikk then, and still think ikk now.

Yeah, it was a cute girl I liked in the 10th grade. She got pregnant a little while after that.

Somebody asked me in 3rd grade if I wanted some gum. I said “sure” and when I held out my hand they put their chewed gum in it.
I promptly stuck it in their hair and told them they weren’t my friend anymore.

I, too, have never done that as a kid. Gross. But I have done so with a high school
girlfriend who was chewing gum at the time.

I’d say if you think that, then you’re doing one or the other, or possibly both, wrong.

Sure it’s more gross. Just like how swapping spit during kissing is less gross than having someone spit directly into your mouth.

I don’t remember doing that with gum, but I did it with um…mushrooms. It wasn’t until I tried them a second time that I realized the awful taste was the mushrooms, not the guy’s spit.