Do you save ticket stubs?

Rooting through my junk drawer and found a pile of ticket stubs, including:

My Morning Jacket (x3)
The Strokes
Jerry Cantrell
Built To Spill
Pearl Jam
White Zombie/Pantera
White Zombie/Ramones
Modest Mouse
Star Wars: The Magic of Myth at the Smithsonian
Supergrass (x2)
Rush (x4)
The Cure
Smashing Pumpkins
Pink Floyd
Ellen Degeneris
Guns 'n Roses
All the new Star Wars flicks
Both X-Men and Spider-Man movies
and a pile of Phillies & Eagles (Philadelphia baseball and football)

I’ve seen way more shows than these stubs represent, but for some odd reason I kept these.

Anyone else keep stubs? Whattya’ got?

I try to remember to keep movie stubs but since it’s only been in the last year since I’ve started doing it, I’ve only got about two dozen, three of which were to Garden State. :smiley:

I’ve got all my movie ticket stubs back to the rerelease of The Empire Strikes Back. I thought I also saved the ticket from the first rerelease but I lost it.

I’ve got a few ticket stubs going back to the '70s for The Kinks, The Tubes, King Crimson, three for Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, Max Webster, The Guess Who reunion, and several more stashed away in a box in the closet.

I turned my ticket stubs from Hairspray and Mamma Mia! on Broadway into refrigerator magnets, along with the ticket for my visit to the top of the Empire State Building. I have a few concerts also either magnets or in magnetic frames.

Hell yes I save ticket stubs! To movies, plays, sports events, concerts – if I can keep a stub, I do. They’re all collected in a photo album. It’s one of my charming quirks. :smiley:

The oldest movie stub I have is from Punchline (1988).

Concerts include:[ul][li]Paul McCartney (Veterans Stadium, 7/15/1990)[/li][li]Paul McCartney (RFK Stadium, 7/4/1990)[/li][li]Paul McCartney (Veterans Stadium, 6/13/1993)[/li][li]Paul McCartney (Giants Stadium, 6/11/1993)[/li][li]The Smithereens (Glassboro State College, 11/21/1991)[/li][li]Material Issue, Too Much Joy, and The Lemon Drops (Chestnut Cabaret, 11/7/1992)[/li][li]Spin Doctors (Mann Music Center, 7/11/1993)[/li][li]Liza Minelli (Baltimore Arena, 11/21/1993)[/li][li]R.E.M. (Capital Centre, 4/18/1989)[/li][li]INXS (Naval Academy, 11/12/1993)[/li][li]Peter Nero & The Philly Pops (Academy of Music, 10/21/1991)[/li][li]Lynyrd Skynyrd (Mann Music Center, 9/4/1992)[/li][li]Iron Maiden (The Spectrum, 1/29/1991)[/li][li]Rush (The Spectrum, 12/3/1991)[/li][li]Yes (Capital Centre, 7/20/1991)[/li][li]1964: The Tribute (Warner Theatre, 4/8/1994)[/li][li]Pink Floyd (RFK Stadium, 7/9/1994)[/li][li]Elton John & Billy Joel (RFK Stadium, 7/20/1994)[/li][li]Dionne Farris (930 Club, 3/31/1995)[/li][li]Melissa Etheridge (Nissan Pavilion, 6/25/1995)[/li][li]Too Much Joy (Graffiti’s, 6/26/1995)[/li][li]Eddie Money, George Thorogood, and Jefferson Starship (Merriweather Post Pavilion, 8/27/1995)[/li][li]B.B. King (Pier Six Concert Pavilion, 6/14/1997)[/li][li]George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars (930 Club, 9/15/1997)[/li][li]Grant Lee Buffalo (930 Club, 8/12/1998)[/li][li]HFStival (PSINet Stadium, 5/29/1999)[/li][li]Melissa Etheridge (DAR Constitution Hall, 10/25/1999)[/li][li]They Might Be Giants (930 Club, 4/14/2000)[/li][li]HFStival (FedEx Field, 5/28/2000)[/li][li]Cowboy Mouth (3/31/2001)[/li][li]National Symphony Orchestra (Kennedy Center, 3/1/2003)[/li][li]Peter Gabriel (Nissan Pavilion, 6/22/2003)[/li][li]Academy of St. Martin in the Fields (Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, 10/10/2004)[/li][li]Cowboy Mouth (930 Club, 4/1/2005)[/ul][/li]Not a complete list, and the chronology is a little sloppy in places, but more or less this is my concert-going history. :slight_smile:

I save all the tickets to live performances, of course. I usually do for movies, as well and eventually put them in a scrapbook (what a pain, but cool). It turns out I’ve been dragged to some really bad movies, through the years.

I save a lot of tickets I’ve used while traveling, to the theater or even the ferry.
Just sifting through them can bring back really good memories.
I’ve also been to more shows than I have ticket stubs for, but I have some good ones from back in the day, it’s fun to look at the price:

The Who 1970

Rolling Stones 1972, ($5.00!)

Santana and Country Joe McDonald ($4.50!)

Springsteen Red Rocks 1978, a legendary show

Warren Zevon I have a zillion stubs for his shows

And so on. Tickets I wish I saved: The ones for Derek and the Dominoes, for the fall of '70–which I never used. Their US tour was interrupted, I believe, midway; I think Clapton was dealing with substance abuse at the time.

I have more recent ticket stubs, and I am glad to have them and will continue to save them, but they don’t yet have quite the nostalgic effect that the old school concerts have on me.

I didn’t save all the ones from my mispent youth, however I did keep one which is very special to me.
Bob Marley and the Wailers.

I have movie stubs, concert ticket stubs, backstage passes, etc. going back more than 20 years.

My favorite stub of all tho, is my movie stub from the opening day performance of C.H.U.D.! Classic!

I’d list a bunch, but seeing as how I used to do about 200 concerts a year, my entry in this post would just wear the hamsters out. It’s pretty safe to say that if there was a rock/country/blues tour from about 1984-1996, I have a backstage pass. And prolly a t-shirt. And a guitar pick. And maybe a drum stick.

At least I’m not alone.

Concerts, sports events, and Broadway/Offbroadway shows.

I go crazy when they rip the ticket so much that my piece has little or no info on it!
I have a U2 stub that literally only has 1991 left on it. Man was I pissed off.

I get even madder if a club “keeps” the entire ticket.

What do you mean “of course”.

To the OP: I throw out all my ticket stubs to everything because they’re trash. . .of course. :smiley: