Do you share the SDMB to Social Media?

Poll incoming.

Not as such, but I’m not above nicking a great turn of phrase and repurposing it as a tweet to my dozens of followers.


Aw man, finally I get to be one of those dickheads that gripes about “there’s no poll option for me”

I use Facebook regularly but I never share SDMB threads. I’m aware of the button(s). I just don’t want to mix my real life with my SDMB life.

Woops, sorry, I forgot the “Nope - Because Nope” option.

Same. Don’t share because don’t want to share.

Do it all the time… tweet links to writers if their books are being discussed, if I find a tweet that is similar to a SDMB thread I will link here, etc.

Nope. I might share a column, but not the board. The only two places where I have reach are Reddit and Facebook. I don’t like linking online identities, and I especially don’t want to link my online identity to my real life one.

I’m also don’t think most of the people I know would really enjoy it here, due to culture, moderation, the Pit, etc. I’ve wanted to share, but I’ve realized no one I really know and could trust to keep my identity secret would really enjoy it here, even if they would maybe enjoy reading a particular thread.

Sharing is overrated. But Sharon is pretty hot.

Honestly never occurred to me to do that. Still won’t.

I don’t use the buttons, but I’ll occasionally reference a #sdmb thread on twitter. BTW, we share that hashtag the Sun Devil Marching Band (Arizona State University).

I didn’t know we had the feature, but now that I do I have no intention of using it. I don’t want my real-life name linked too closely with what I’ve written here, innocuous though it may be. (Even though Google has probably linked all my identities together already, somewhere in the depths of its omniscience.)

  1. I doubt that your names are “Heracles” and “BigT” on Facebook.
  2. It is possible to link to a thread that you have not posted in.
  3. It is possible to link to a thread in which you have posted without saying that you have posted into it.

This for me as well.

I can’t even get people interested in the projects I am doing myself, let alone some lame thing that happens here.

I sometimes copy and paste a SDMB answer and post it on facebook. Maybe twice I have done that.

I need a plain old ‘NO’ option. I’m fully aware of the option but choose not to do so. Don’t need no damned pushpoll. :eek:

Nope, because nope.

<Thurston Howell III> We certainly don’t want any of those people over here, right Lovey?

I’ve shared Cecil’s columns before. Not sure if I’ve shared threads. It might happen more often now that Cecil is on Facebook. Whenever I see his posts (always a column or a threadspotting thread) they’re criminally under-liked and under-shared. So I’m tempted to spread them further to see if they get any more love. But as of right now I usually don’t. In fact I hardly ever post or share anything. On Facebook, I mostly read other people’s posts and comment. I’ve had Twitter for years and have yet to make a single tweet.

My answer is no but not for the reasons given.