Do you think Donald Trump's entire NYC penthouse is a gaudy as the pictures?

When i’ve seen pics over the years, I used to assume the gold and Louis XIV style was just a show area. Kind of like the formal living room at your great grandmothers that hasn’t actually been used since 1950. The rest of the place must be a comfortable (probably very nice) normal home. Who could actually relax in a morgue like environment as in the pics?

But maybe all of it IS decorated that way. What do you think?

Some of the people who have written about him over the years have said that it is. Another consistent thing is that they never saw ANY kind of reading materials anywhere in the house, not even in the kids’ rooms.

I’m pretty sure his egomania would demand that it be. Good taste is not his thing.

I heard he had “Presidentin’ for Dummies” in the bathroom.

That’s just in case he runs out of toilet paper.


There’s a gigantic book on the table in the picture. Doesn’t look like anybody has been reading it though.

It looks like a game box to me, not a book.

Now, he has a copy of the Constitution for that

Not to unwheel the band wagon but, fancy reading material probably comes with a screen, not a cover.

You mean Twitter?

The man lives to ‘impress’ people. He lives to try to impress himself. This is his idea of class.

I wouldn’t doubt that every square inch is as tacky as the photo.

I’ve seen worse, so yes I completely believe Trump’s penthouse is quite gaudy.

Blowing up the image, it looks like a book to me with… boxers?.. on the cover. But I doubt anyone is reading it. That’s not a “Trump” thing, just that it’s comically huge and no doubt picked for decoration because it’s white and imagining anyone settling into one of those chairs with that thing in their lap is ridiculous. If all the inside pages were blank, I’d barely be surprised. Or if it opened and was hollow for storing stuff.

If people have been saying it “over the years”, for as long as Trump’s been Trump, that predates the Kindle era. And, really, who doesn’t have kid’s books around (assuming you have kids)? You read Goodnight Moon and Pat the Bunny on the Kindle?

Not only is it gaudy, it all looks so uncomfortable. It’s set up to look good, not to feel good. Think about waking up on a Saturday morning, walking across that cold floor with a coffee to sit in one of those ugly chairs and read the paper. Can you imagine yourself actually living in that space?

You don’t think Trump actually lives in that space himself, do you? Surely he has people for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently the book is a limited-edition tribute to Muhammad Ali worth $15,000. More pictures here. It’s The Daily Mail, but this seems like just the sort of story they are qualified to cover.

This is what I mean. There has to be some part of the man that enjoys some warm colors and a comfortable sofa… Also he had 4 children. I can’t imagine being a child in that mausoleum.

I remember seeing some sort of "rich and famous lifestyle’ show on him 20 or so years ago and yes if I recall correctly the actual living quarters were less gaudy.

someone said it’s so gaudy it makes the palace of versailles look like a meth users trailer

It looks to me like the owner packed it with things he believes to be “classy” due to their price tag, without giving any other considerations.

Imagine in a NY accent: “Check dis out, dis paintin here? Two million dollahs. Classss.” Just walking around, saying something similar about every object. Classy as a gilt storage shed.