Do you think there's anything strange going on here?

Some pictures of former model Stephanie Seymour at the beach. (Generally SFW but she’s in a bikini.) picture picture picture picture picture

What’s the problem you ask. Seymour’s visiting the beach with a younger man and there’s a little hugging and kissing going on. What’s the big deal?

Go look at the pictures again before looking at the spoiler.

The younger man she’s kissing is her son.

Given the spoiler info, yeah that’s strange (to put it politely).

The placement of his hands in the 1st & 5th photos suggests sexual rather than maternal relationship. Yowch!

the link header gives away the spoiler, fyi. If you really want people to be surprised, send the pics through imgur or whatever.

As to the subject matter? Meh. Pictures can seem to say a lot of things. I have a hard time believing that they would decide to engage in an incestuous relationship when she’s been dealing with a divorce. On the other hand humans is weird. But I’m not going to get upset because of a few unflattering pictures.

Does he have an erection in picture #4?

In two of the pictures it looks like he’s touching her tits as they hug. In a third it looks like his hand is inching close to being in that position.

And am I the only one seeing the boner in this picture?

Edit: Lumpy (HAH!) beat me to it.


Re: picture 4.

Looks like she’s going in to solve that boner problem.

EDIT: and yes that is weird.

EDIT 2: and it looks like he has that, “Ooooh yeah baby you know you want to go in” look on his face. Or maybe I watch too much porn.

Oh, hell no. That is seriously squicky.

It definately looks like he’s coping a feel.


According to my eighteen years on the internet, this is really very common in real life.

I knew that was going to be the spoiler–and yeah. Freaky weird.

It was probably just a quick peck that lasted a second or two and if you’d seen it IRL you wouldn’t think twice. Even the hand on sideboob thing seems more likely to be an accident than some creepy mom-son thing. And, you don’t need an erection to get a bit of a bulge in swim trunks. Your junk can shift a bit when you’re swimming and the netting in the trunks can kind of trap it like that.

Maybe I’m wrong and they have some fucked up thing going but I think it’s much more likely that the pics just make it seem worse than it really was.

I think pic #1 and #5 are nearly the same moment captured from two different angles.

I thought it was going to be that she’s about 100 lbs too heavy to be a model as she looks like an actual human, but then I saw where you wrote “former” model.

The pictures definitely LOOK creepy, but I’d have to see video to decide if the situation was actually creepy or these were snapped at just the right (wrong) time. Kisses can look really awkward if one party doesn’t know they’re coming, which looks like what’s happening in the two kissing photos. That being said, I was years past kissing my mom on the mouth by that age, but every family has their own boundaries.

Edit: By the way, I missed “former model” in the OP and I was thinking that this was the author of Twilight until just now :smack:


Either the pictures are just weirdly timed to look bad, or is her son developmentally delayed in some way? He looks like a mildly autistic kid with his body language, to me.

She looks drunk to me. He seems to be helping her walk. In the fourth pic his face looks annoyed and pouty to me, and I can’t pull up the fifth one.

But yeah, it’s icky.

I admit that they look overly affectionate at first glance, but I can easily visualize perfectly normal situations that would would involve those same images if snapped. Number 4, for example, looks very motherly, and the worst pics: 1 & 5 both have them intentionally doing a side hug and stand offish kiss that is typical of familial relations.

I agree that, in the other two, the mother looks drunk, and the son is carrying her. I thus assume it applies to the others.