Do you use the ignore function?

I have two users on my ignore list (and as you can see I’m quite new to SDMB) but so far every time I come across one of their posts, I click on the “view post” link. Except in the really annoying thread in which I ignored them in the first place.


For those I think are stupid and everything they ever say is stupid…yes.

I had one person on mine for a long time, but then he got banned. Then there was nobody on it for a while, and now there is one person on it again. I am 100% confident that I never again want to read any of this person’s posts, ever.

Yep. Liars, racists, and hijackers.

Yes. Sometimes I open a thread and instantly see that it’s two people I don’t care about yammering at each other. Time saved.

I’ve used it, but I don’t have anyone on there currently.

Mostly, I use it for one-note nutters - the type who complain about a single subject/incident anywhere and everywhere, appropriate thread or not.

Just one person at the moment. Simply because everything she posts is around a single, tired, theme.

Nope. Like Nava, I just put people on a “mental ignore” list instead. Because sometimes even the nutters say something profound or interesting.

I have/had a handful. Mostly they’re trolls/jerks who are later banned.

I think I tried it once, but it told me I couldn’t ignore myself, so I let it go.

If you are ignoring the racists and hijackers, you are missing out on lots of funny, my friend.

I never used Ignore in the years before I became a mod, and can’t use it now. Honestly, there aren’t very many people I want to ignore, but most of them are people I need to watch now that I’m a mod. :wink:

There is exactly one poster on my list. Never had any others. I think it’s been close to two years.

No one’s ever been worth the bother. My scroll wheel works fine.

Besides, if you’re Ignoring someone who’s trying to engage you, doesn’t it eventually become so apparent to other readers that you look far more dickish than s/he does?

(I wonder if I am the one on Bricker’s list, seeing as how I have asked questions/commented on his posts and been ignored. Of course, it could just be that my comments/questions are too stupid for words…)
Anyway, I have used it, but not currently. I used it to block a poster who is now banned anyway.

On other boards I use it to block racists, of which there are plenty - I hate listening to rants about all people of color (they don’t just go after black people! All-inclusive racists).

To be honest, I haven’t even looked on how to ban someone if I wanted to.

Yes, that’s about it for me too. You have to be a raging idiot. Some have been banned already, so I suppose I can remove them from the list.

I said no, but it’s possible that there was one person I put on ignore whom I’ve since forgotten. I know that I’ve used it on another, much less moderated message board, for a couple of people.

The whole “ignore list” bit is very third-grade, especially since it apparently isn’t worthwhile unless one can triumphantly tell the ignoree that they’re being ignored, but there does seem to be a tangible benefit.

If someone takes umbrage at having their idiotic arguments refuted and puts you on ignore, then you’re free to debunk their nonsense without having to deal with moronic comebacks, since your responses are hidden from them.

It’s like an ideal baseball trade: both sides benefit. :slight_smile:

This pretty much summarises my views as well.