Do you use the ignore function?

Lumpy asked in another thread if he’s on anyone’s ignore list. I always forget those exist. So, do you take advantage of the ignore feature?

Nah. The only reason I would is to ignore somebody who was so incredibly crazy as to be deeply interesting.

I can’t imagine any way in which using that function would be helpful here. If anything it’ll just serve to have a person missing portions of conversations and sounding like a fool when they reply. The only time I can imagine using it is on unmoderated boards with lots of spammers or bots.

I agree with Omniscient. Missing big parts of the conversation would just annoy me too much.

If you buy into the “fighting ignorance” premise then ignoring ignorance would be something of a pointless endeavor too.

Note on the Dope. On another message board I used to go to, there was a poster who would try to turn every. fucking. thread. into a discussion of his own personal soapbox about some minor cause that he supported. It grew tiresome and I ignored him.

Thirded. It’s easy enough to skim or entirely skip commentary by someone who annoys me in a thread or in general. But there isn’t anyone here whose posts I dislike intensely enough to want to remove the option altogether of seeing what they’re saying.

I’ve used it on other boards, but got out of the habit. It’s just too easy to scroll past the posts I’m not interested in reading.

But that’s just it. You don’t miss anything. If the person says something that is actually important to the conversation, that person will be quoted, and you can read what they wrote. But, even if they aren’t, it’s not like their posts are completely hidden. If you think they might have something important to say, you can just click.

Three words: The BBQ Pit. I don’t how many posters I’ve seen whine about a particular person. One person will have a grudge against someone else, and every innocuous comment comes off as being insulting to them. These people would be much better off ignoring people that make them so mad.

Nah. People skim all the freakin’ time. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen something in GQ be answered 3 or more times.

It’s really not that useful in those situations, since spammers and bots very often use different usernames each time. It’s far more useful on boards that have a lot of trolls. Not only do you not read them and get mad at them, it also serves as a reminder not to feed them.

Anyways, I don’t have anyone on my list currently, but I have in the past. So I picked option 2, although it isn’t strictly accurate. I’ve also recently ignored a thread using the Firefox extension. It was just a sore subject for me–after already posting a few rants, I decided it was taking up too much space in my brain, and didn’t want to even be reminded of its existence.

Also, the ignore feature will let you block someone from PMing you. I’ve used it for that purpose before with someone who had the tendency to get on my nerves, but after a few days I took em off. Now I don’t even remember who it was.

Finally, there’s a certain single-issue poster who fortunately has stopped posting as frequently as they used to. If they become more proactive again, I would consider taking advantage of the feature. I know for a fact that some people have already put them on it, even people who normally don’t use the feature.

Yes, oh em gee yes!

I have more than five, less than ten people on ignore. Not only are they ignored, I have them completely erased from viewing using the glorious Firefox plug-in xash introduced me to.

Nope, never. If I don’t feel like reading something, I just pass over it.

I have an extensive ignore list, about 15. Nobody who has yet posted in this thread is on it. Some of them are now banned. Virtually all people who are banned have made my list. You have to be a truly big idiot to get on my list. More than just a whole lot of disagreeing or insulting. Huge trollish idiot that I have personally banned.

I’ve never used the function on any site.

If it’s that bad, it’s usually something I will find some humor in, so, I wouldn’t want to ignore that.

Never. But why can’t I see the OP?! :confused:


I did use it on a poster once, took him off ignore after a while. Right now there’s a poster I have on “mental ignore” (1) but since her posts tend to ellicit many responses, there wouldn’t be much of a point on hiding the original.

There’s people who annoy me on some subjects or depending on what day I’ve been having but with whom I’ve got no problem at other times.

1: I tend to read the post first, the name second. In her case, I’ll start reading, then my crazy-o-meter will go BOINGGG!, and I’ll look at the name and go “oh, her! :smack: self”

Mods are not permitted to, but personally I’ve never wanted to ignore any poster in any case.

I didn’t even realize the had it. Most boards with pay options try to tie the ignore feature into the “you can use it if you pay for it.”

I was on another board and everyone seemed to be ignoring each other so that it seemed every other comment was repeated, because people were only getting like 25% of the thread.

I remember from the days of Usenet, were some readers would allow you an ignore list, so others would purposely quote a message with every reply so that it was difficult to use the ignore list effectively, because all the messages contained quotes of everything

Yup. There’s one or two guys who are not only obnoxious, but boring as heck. General rule of thumb: if you see the name, :rolleyes: and know what he’s going to say, you might want to consider the Ignore function.

I use the Ignore List, and love it. Why let a few obnoxious nincompoops spoil the otherwise quality SDMB experience?

I use it if just because it’s there, but honestly it’s not a feature I would miss if it was gone. I would put it to much better use on other boards, because folks here are a bit more sophisticated. My ignore list on the IMDB is pretty long, because I ignore anyone who stretches the page.